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07.31.2018Inside Verizon

We saved a puppy.

By: Verizon Up To Speed
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Hum and a quick-thinking V Teamer come to the rescue.

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In a moment of uncertainty, Mary Harrison reached out to Hum to help find her stolen car and dog Molly. Hum home-based Tech Expert Katrina Quanne put Mary at ease, pinpointed precisely where her dog and car were located and reunited them. 
The Verizon Innovative Learning Rural Girls Program is teaching girls from all around the US about STEM.
V Teamers will hit the ground running next month to raise for VtoV, our employee relief fund. 200 miles and 30 hours. Show your support and cheer them on.
The Rundown: Contactless mobile payments are on the rise, Tesla just introduced a limited-edition surfboard and a behind-the-scenes look at the Google Assistant team.

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