We give this episode 8A’s.

By: Cara Jurkowski

George introduces us to the newest Pixel phone. Plus, it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, learn a quick way to decompress.

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On today’s episode or Up To Speed Live:

👋 Shout out to the EMEA employees who joined our live audience today! ▶️ [03:05]


🍨 The tech scoop you’ve been waiting for, and this one’s a double!

We all love new products to share with our customers and today, we have news that’s as refreshing as a double dip on a warm summer day. 

Scoop one: A giant taste of Apple. The tech giant just unveiled its brand new assortment of iPads and they’ll be available at Verizon soon

Scoop two: Extra dose of Google. Two tech giants drop products on the same day? It’s not too good to be true. Google’s new Pixel 8a is here, and its got amazing advanced AI features and next-gen security.

▶️ George Talks Tech: The new Pixel 8a is available for preorder at Verizon right now, and it will be in stores on May 14. Get the rundown from George on the replay at ▶️ [00:54].


🏇We’re off to the races! [03:13]

Over the weekend, our network brought customers the speed they needed at both the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby and the F1 Miami Grand Prix. 

Over in Colonel Sanders-country: At the Kentucky Derby, found that more than 33% of all devices connected to our super-strong wireless network. 

And over in Pitbull’s stomping ground : Visit CEO Hans Vestberg’s Instagram* to get a feel for the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Of the 275,000 fans attending the three-day event, about 45% used Verizon’s wireless network event to share their racing experiences quickly and reliably.

*We know not everyone can access Instagram at the office, but you can check it out on your phone– just head to https://www.instagram.com/hansvestberg/ and you’ll see the post.

🏟️ When we’re in the stadium, innovation can’t be far behind. [04:02]

If you’ve been keeping up with our press releases, Up To Speed episodes and, oh, minor sports events like, say, the SUPER BOWL, you’re already aware that 5G technology is a game changer in the transforming the customer experience in stadiums and venues, from accelerated access to frictionless mobile stores to mobile private networks and more. 

▶️ Press Play: Check out the video at ▶️ [04;20] to learn more about how Verizon technology is improving the fan experience, from the moment they buy a ticket!


💐 Give yourself the gift of a guiltless weekend by NOT forgetting Mom’s special day. [07:21]

Mom’s a giver: We already know this, but just in case you like to trust but verify, we’ve got the data. We recently commissioned a survey that found nearly one-third of moms have held off on upgrading their smartphones so someone else in the family could upgrade.

🥹Awww! Mom is the best! There’s no way you’d let her down, so why not get your shopping done sooner than later? We can help!

📱What does mom want as a tech gift that you can use your employee discount on? We have the data for that too! 15% want a new phone, 14% want subscriptions and 13% want wireless headphones, so check, check and check! We’ve got them all below.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide:


🤘More great ideas from Cool-Mom Colleen [08:30]

In addition to being the kind of mom who lets her kids listen to “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Master of Puppets,” she is also in the know about more great buys:

A is for Accessories:

Enter Subscriptions: Customers with myPlan save the most on exclusive offers on bundles for your favorite streaming services for just $10 per month:

  • Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, HULU and ESPN+
  • Netflix and Max (with ads)
  • Apple One (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage)

Fade to Bundles: Verizon is offering the Disney Bundle for six months on us for new and existing customers who upgrade plans. 


🧹♻️🪣🍴🚗…  🌳💰Volunteering made it happen. [11:51]

April was Global Volunteer Month and during that time, more than 20,000 V Teamers rallied together and volunteered more than 39,000 hours of service across more than 400 events!

Your contribution makes a difference::Thanks to V Team involvement, we unlocked more than $15,000 in grants for our Verizon Strategic Nonprofit Partners.

Seeds for the Future: The V Team planted 1,300 trees in our honor as a result of our participation in the month's featured litter pick up. 

Didn’t get a chance to volunteer yet? Head over to the portal to dedicate one volunteer hour in May and bring the V Team one step closer to our commitment of 2.5 million volunteer hours by 2025.


🚨📢 Now hear this: You have 7 days left, including today, to fill out your 2024 VZPulse+ survey. [12:54]

What’s it all about? Get the full story here.


⌚ May is Mental Health Month, so how about a Mindful Minute? [13:40]

Throughout May, UTS hosts Jen and Raquel are going to share some science-backed wellness tips in the hopes that it will help us all to feel a little more healthy.

Today’s tip is all about self-care: a mindfulness minute. (No, not a ⏱️2-Minute Break but that’s a great way to relax too…)

▶️ Press play: It’s best to see how the demo is performed, so hit that play button and go to ▶️Go to 13:40 to watch the clip and see the demo with Spring Heath clinician Caren Weingart – you’ll be glad you took the time!

Get mental: Mentally healthy, that is. Learn more about onsite self-care workshops happening across our U.S. hubs, as well as what’s happening virtually: U.S. | International


🗣️💬 Tell us something good: On Thursday, we’ll be talking more about Moms – especially the amazing advice they’ve given us 💖.

Join the conversation! Shoot a short video selfie (no longer than 30 seconds), or just tell us in the comments section, about the best advice mom’s given you. Bonus points if you get mom in the vid or attach a pic to your comment.

Be sure to check back on Thursday for lots of mom-stuff, and to see if your vid/comments made the cut.

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About the author:

Cara Jurkowski is a failed standup comedian who made up for her lack of comedic success by spending the past two decades telling stories about the communications industry and the amazing people who work to connect the world. When she is not writing about Verizon, she lives in an unofficial Lego museum, slowly working through a steadily growing backlog of unbuilt sets at a perfectly acceptable pace.

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