05/19/2020|Inside Verizon

Getting to know our BlueJeans teammates.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Meet the new V Teamers who will help transform videoconferencing.

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If you haven’t heard, BlueJeans, the world leader in cloud videoconferencing, is now officially powered by Verizon, which makes this a great time to find out more about our new V Team colleagues. We caught up with five members of Team BlueJeans to learn more about the people and the tech behind the denim.

Who makes up the team at BlueJeans? What’s the current vibe?

Erin Cheever: BlueJeans currently has 390 employees.

Justin McHeffey: We’re incredibly thrilled about the entire opportunity and to be part of an internationally recognized brand.

Mehtaj Saad: We’re really excited and looking forward to meeting with like-minded people at Verizon.

What sets BlueJeans apart from competitors in terms of conferencing tools?

Zach Bosin: BlueJeans is partnered with Dolby. We’ve integrated their voice solution as a core component of our audio stack. Maybe you’re someplace that’s really loud. Well it’s going to block out all that background noise.

Zach Bosin: Another really innovative solution is something that we call Smart Meetings. This is something that no one else has. It gives you the ability to capture the best moments of every single meeting simply by clicking a button.

Mehtaj Saad: It really empowers us to take control of our time and our productivity.

Sharni Medina: When we’re interviewing or talking to a customer, it’s something that we use. We’re able to have a 30- to 40-minute discussion with them. It’s really easy to go back to the transcript and have the highlights of the conversation.

Justin McHeffey: It’s something that we’re obsessed about -- improving meeting efficiency for enterprises and improving conferencing culture so that you can extract more out of those meetings, remember more from those meetings and ultimately accomplish more in your workday thanks to some of these built in tools we’ve created with BlueJeans.

Erin Cheever: We’re using our product every day as well. Just like we want our customers to have the best user experience as possible, we want to make sure we have efficient and productive meetings.

To learn more about BlueJeans Smart Meetings, watch this video.

How do you think BlueJeans will benefit from being part of the Verizon family?

Zach Bosin: We’re excited about the opportunity. We’re excited about the potential. We’re excited about 5G and Edge computing and what that can do for videoconferencing use cases, like distance learning and telehealth. We’ve really just scratched the surface.

We’re excited to learn even more about our new friends - and our new video conference tool - as we move forward together.

Welcome aboard!

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