Vision for Visible.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Getting Visible with the all-digital wireless carrier’s new leader.

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As a child, Angie Klein dreamed of having the power of invisibility. After more than 100 days as the CEO of Visible, Verizon’s all-digital prepaid brand, Angie finally gets to say she’s “in Visible,” all while laying the foundation for the carrier’s next chapter. We caught up with Angie who was in her new home of Denver, Colorado, where Visible has its headquarters.

Angie, who has worked within the Verizon family for twenty years, has been on a listening tour talking to Visible employees to find out more about the team’s strengths and culture. She reports that the team redefined their mission, values and goals, moving to a relentless focus on the customer experience.

“Our mission is to reimagine what wireless should be,” said Angie, “Radically simple, fundamentally accessible and audaciously inclusive. That’s our commitment to the world.”

eSIM goal

Angie also talked about the company’s new long term goal of becoming 100% eSIM. eSIM stands for electronic SIM, meaning a new customer doesn’t need a piece of hardware from Visible to start service. They can do it themselves from home in as little as fifteen minutes. “We’re excited about this. It’s a lofty goal but because we’re an all-digital carrier, we’re uniquely positioned to offer this.”

Visible says it will also be offering family plan savings without the family drama. “It’s a great choice for singles who often have to pay more per line,” said Angie. “We don’t penalize you for being single.”

Refer a friend

This is part of the reason that Angie believes Visible is serving millennials and Gen Z better than anyone else. “We have a great referral offer going right now, so it’s a great time to talk to your friends and family about Visible.”

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