Stop scams; talk tech with experts; call for help: 4 ways Verizon customers win

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Verizon makes digital easy for customers with simple features that go a long way

  • Number Lock, Number Transfer PIN - help protect your number from scams

  • Tech Coach - Get live 24/7 personal support

  • Call Me Back - say goodbye to waiting on hold

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Did you know that after buying a device from Verizon, you have access to a Tech Expert to guide you through the setup process? Are you aware that there’s a Call Me Back feature designed to help prevent you from being put on hold for a long time? Verizon has created innovative solutions designed to give our customers simple ways to make their digital lives easier. Over the next few months, Verizon will highlight a selection of hassle-free services that put a better and more secure experience in the palm of your hand, starting with these features in the MyVerizon app.

Number Lock

  • Thieves may try to trigger an unauthorized number transfer, sometimes called a port-out scam, as a way to steal a number and reset passwords to gain access to a customer’s accounts for email, online banking or social media. Number Lock makes it harder for thieves to use this method to take control of a customer’s online accounts.

How to protect yourself: Verizon encourages customers to enhance their security with the free My Verizon app feature that gives postpaid wireless consumers more power to help safeguard their accounts against scammers. Enable Number Lock in the ‘Security’ section of the app’s Settings menu.

Number Transfer PIN

  • There’s another layer of security ready to guard your number. Verizon consumer accounts now require a dedicated six-digit PIN to port a line to a new service provider. With Number Transfer PIN, the necessary port-out code is only revealed once a customer successfully confirms their identity, reducing the risk of unauthorized porting.

How to protect yourself: Number Transfer PIN is free and automatically enabled on Verizon postpaid consumer accounts. Visit the Port FAQs page to discover how to obtain a secure six-digit PIN before porting your number.

Tech Coach

  • For some, getting a new phone can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry; with Tech Coach, you can chat live with a Tech Coach expert to help you with wireless devices and connecting to your smartwatch, smart home accessories and more from the comfort and safety of your home. Tech Coach is included for 30 days after you activate a new device.

How to get your own personal tech coach: Open the My Verizon App and scroll to the Tech Coach button, which allows you to talk or text with a live expert to help you with your wireless device or smartwatch. You can learn more at

Call Me Back

  • “Please hold, we’re experiencing a higher than average call volume.” Frustrating words for sure when you need assistance, especially when you have better things to do than wait on hold. That’s why we designed the Call Me Back feature. Now, instead of remaining on hold, you’ll get a call back as soon as a rep is available. Customers can even schedule a call for later that day or the next. Whatever time works for the customer.

How to request a call back: Tap the question mark icon in the top right corner in the My Verizon app and request “Schedule a call back.” You can also choose to get a call back when calling Verizon customer care or schedule an appointment at

All of these solutions are available to customers today, within the My Verizon App in the Apple® App Store® or Google™ Play Store, or at

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Today, we thank the FCC for its action to help combat fraud and identity theft by approving our request for a temporary lock on all new phones.


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