The Top 5 things you need to know about 5G.

In a city known for its deep dish pizza, ketchup free-hot dogs, and tech-savvy people, 5G is now giving Chicago another source of civic pride.

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Cities across America are celebrating a game-changing announcement - just days ago, Verizon revealed the names of 20 cities set to receive 5G Ultra Wideband service in 2019. As these newly announced cities get ready to make real-time, high-speed connections, people in Chicago and Minneapolis are feeling the power of 5G right now.

Folks in the Windy City are starting to take notice of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and its next generation technology. Earlier this month, Verizon launched this ground-breaking network in Chicago and Minneapolis, giving consumers and businesses a glimpse into this lightning fast future.

In a city known for its deep dish pizza, ketchup free-hot dogs, and tech-savvy people, 5G is now giving Chicago another source of civic pride. So as the Windy City gets its hands on 5G, we’re sharing with Chicagoans the Top Five things you need to know about 5G.

  1. Being first matters -- Verizon’s 5G is the world’s first commercial mobile 5G network accessible with 5G-capable smartphones. The launch took place on April 3rd, making Chicago and Minneapolis the global epicenter of commercial mobile 5G.  
  2. Speeds will raise the bar -- Expect minimal download speeds around 300 megabits per second and beyond. That’s much faster than 4G LTE  networks today. This means full length high definition movies will download in seconds! In addition to great speeds, 5G will provide super low latency, or wait time -- much faster than the blink of an eye.
  3. Real 5G requires new 5G devices -- The world’s first mobile 5G device is actually from Chicago as well -- Motorola’s moto z3 and the 5G moto mod. You can also expect more 5G devices to join Verizon’s 5G network later this year - including Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G phone, an exclusive to Verizon.. Customers can pre-order the device as of April 25.
  4. This is just the beginning -- Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband Network is slated to launch in more than 30 cities this year. And the coverage area in Chicago will continue to expand.
  5. Get ready to change the way you live, work, and play -- Massive bandwidth through millimeter wave spectrum, awesome speeds, and super low latency. Life on 5G will move faster than the blink of an eye, and the use cases are limitless. From autonomous vehicles, smart medical procedures, the boundaries of 5G are only limited by our imagination.

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