Verizon Business Presents: “Women in Business - Championing Women in the Workforce” November 30th

Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business joined by executives from Microsoft, Chipotle and CVS

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WHAT: Verizon Business presents “Women in Business: Championing Women in the Workforce” on November 30th from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ET. The conversation will focus on topics related to challenges faced by women, advice for women at any level in their career and how we can champion women in the workplace.

Verizon Business CEO Tami Erwin joins panelists Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer at Chipotle Marissa Andrada, SVP of Digital Products, UX, and Operations for CVS Tracey Weber, and President of Microsoft US Deb Cupp. Moderated by executive coach and Forbes contributor Karen Walker, this event is an extension of the Women in Business initiative, which launched in 2020, to provide inspiration, advice and counsel to women in the workplace, specifically women small business owners.

  • PANELISTTami Erwin, CEO, Verizon Business

  • PANELIST: Marissa Andrada, Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer, Chipotle

  • PANELIST: Tracey Weber, SVP of Digital Products, UX, and Operations, CVS

  • PANELIST: Deb Cupp, President, Microsoft US

  • MODERATOR: Karen Walker, Executive Coach and Forbes contributor

WHEN: Tuesday, November 30, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. ET

WHERE: The panel will be livestreamed to Verizon’s LinkedIn page. Viewers will be invited to ask questions during the event. Hashtag: #VerizonWomenInBusiness

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