Verizon expands 5G Ultra Wideband service to more than one million more residents in Atlanta, GA

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ATLANTA, GA – More than one million more customers in Atlanta, GA now have access to higher speeds and greater capacity from Verizon’s award-winning 5G Ultra Wideband network. Verizon's high-performance 5G Ultra Wideband provides game-changing benefits, like download speeds up to 10 times faster than median Verizon 4G LTE speeds, a safer alternative to public Wi-Fi, video chatting with fewer frozen faces and console-quality gaming on the go.

The additional coverage services portions of the cities of Loganville, Lawrenceville, Kennasaw, McDonough, Hiram, and Milton GA. The service also covers portions of southwestern Forsyth County, southeastern Fulton County,  north Fulton County, western Clayton County, southeastern Cherokee County, and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

These additional customers in Atlanta have access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband service 18 months earlier than projected due to agreements with satellite providers to clear C-Band spectrum, a premium spectrum Verizon recently purchased at auction, which was originally scheduled to be cleared in December 2023. 

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband brings power and performance comparable to a broadband internet connection to customers’ pockets. With download speeds up to one gigabit per second and the capacity to support data-heavy actions from multiple devices at one time, 5G Ultra Wideband frees people up to do things on the go that many could only do before when connected to their home internet service. This includes everything from downloading huge documents and seamlessly streaming movies in HD audio and video, to playing console quality games and conducting video chats, video conferencing and FaceTime calls with clear sound and video. And with Verizon’s continued rapid expansion of 5G Ultra Wideband service, many more customers will have access to this service in the near future. Verizon plans to deliver 5G Ultra Wideband to 175 million POPs in the US by the end of this year, and will cover at least 250 million POPs by the end of 2024.

Get the most of our 5G Ultra Wideband

To experience the benefits of 5G Ultra Wideband, customers will need one of Verizon’s latest 5G phones with the latest software update in settings. There’s never been a better time to upgrade or switch. Verizon is offering great deals on its best 5G smartphones in store, on the My Verizon App or online at, and for businesses at

Customers will also want to be on one of Verizon’s latest plans. To sign up for our premium 5G Unlimited plans – 5G Get More, 5G Play More and 5G Do More – customers can visit a store, use the My Verizon app or go to Or if customers are looking for a great value and access to Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network, they can review Verizon’s 5G Start or the brand new Welcome Unlimited plan. Plans for business include the Business Unlimited Plus Data Device and the Business Unlimited Pro Data Device. Business customers can shop for plans at

New Home and Business Internet options

With this network expansion, Verizon is also expanding its wireless home and business internet services, powered by 5G Ultra Wideband. Verizon Home Internet starts at just $25 per month with AutoPay and a premium 5G mobile plan – all without extra fees, equipment charges, annual contracts or data caps. New customers without current Verizon wireless service can still get Verizon Home Internet for just $50 per month with Auto Pay. Service is reliable and fast enough to power the connected devices in the home: smart TVs, tablets, phones, gaming consoles and more. There are no annual contracts or hidden fees, and no additional equipment charges. Plus, the price is the price, guaranteed.  Customers can check availability at and see if your home is covered.

Atlanta businesses have access to 5G Business Internet from Verizon. 5G Business Internet is ultra-fast wireless business internet powered by 5G Ultra Wideband. This wireless alternative to cable internet is for businesses of all sizes and includes self-setup or professional installation options, multiple pricing and service options, unlimited data, and a 10-year price guarantee for 5G Business Internet service. To learn more about Verizon 5G Business Internet, visit and plug in an address to see what service is available.

Verizon supports first responders in Georgia

In addition to rolling out game-changing technology for residents and visitors to Atlanta, Verizon continues to demonstrate its commitment to the Peach State through ongoing support of public safety organizations throughout the state.

During 2021, the Verizon Frontline Response Team delivered mission-critical communications capabilities to first responders on the front lines of multiple emergency response operations across the state of Georgia. Nearly 130 Verizon Frontline devices and solutions ranging from mobile hotspots, routers, smart devices and drones, to deployable satellite solutions such as Satellite Picocells on Trailers (SPOTs), were deployed in support of state and local public safety agencies in Georgia.

The Verizon Frontline Response Team provided support to Georgia first responders dealing with everything from severe weather events to COVID-19 vaccination efforts and large public gatherings. For example, the team was called in to support the Coweta County Emergency Management Agency and the Newnan, Ga., Department of Public Works in the immediate aftermath of a March 2021 tornado which devastated the local community and, months later, to support a benefit concert held to help that same community recover.

This support has continued during 2022 as the Verizon Frontline Response Team has already participated in multiple public safety operations and training events alongside Georgia public safety agencies. This ongoing support is provided at no cost to local agencies and represents a continuation of Verizon Frontline’s commitment to investing and innovating in partnership with public safety and government.

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