Verizon Business launches IoT Managed Services so customers can focus on growth

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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - Verizon Business, today announced the launch of IoT Managed Services, an offering developed to help manage the intricacies of preparing, deploying, managing, and maintaining an IoT solution for customers who may not have the necessary staff, time, knowledge, or resources.

“For many companies, cellular IoT is not always something they have fully prepared for from a staffing, implementation, and maintenance standpoint,” said Steven Szabo, Verizon Business’ vice president of Internet of Things. “Through IoT Managed Services, we are bringing a dedicated team of IoT specialists and the most reliable IoT network under one roof so customers can focus on growing their business.”

The offering includes a number of services to help customers jumpstart IoT deployments, including site surveys, solution development, and device staging. It then extends to lifecycle functions with dedicated triage and ongoing account and platform management.

IoT Managed Services are offered in varying levels, providing customers with a choice to obtain the right level of service for their needs.

  • Level 1: A dedicated point of contact for help with cellular connectivity.

  • Level 2: Adds lifecycle support for customer accounts, as well as for IoT solution implementations.

  • Level 3: Adds dedicated support for IoT platforms owned by customers. 

  • A la carte deployment services: Site survey, field installation, private network engineering, device kitting and staging, and solution development.

Whether it’s a small business owner interested in installing sensors on all of their machines across multiple locations or a large enterprise looking to monitor many assets across a business park, with IoT Managed Services, customers will have a team of experts ready to help them deploy and manage complex IoT solutions through the entire lifecycle.

By having this dedicated support for all matters relating to IoT implementation and management, customers can rely on Verizon to help meet their technology needs of today, while setting the foundation for future technology advancements like harnessing the power of Verizon 5G.

To learn more about IoT Managed and Professional Services, head to the Verizon Business IoT Managed Services site.

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