Verizon Business and Zebra Technologies launch device & software solutions to accelerate private 5G

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What you need to know:

  • Zebra mobile device and software packaged solutions are certified to work with Verizon Private 5G and LTE networks throughout the U.S., helping private-network customers get operations up and running faster 

  • Zebra solutions can enable frontline workers in multiple industries to manage projects and communications on jobsites more efficiently, getting the most out of private 5G and LTE in diverse commercial environments from retail to heavy industry

  • Select devices have multi-SIM capability for near-seamless transitions between an authenticated private network and Verizon’s public network

BASKING RIDGE, NJ. and LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. – Dec. 6, 2023 – Verizon Business (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) and Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a leader in digital solutions that accelerate business workflows, today announced the launch of Zebra mobile device and software packaged solutions designed to help Verizon Private 5G customers reap the benefits of their networks even faster.

Zebra rugged enterprise tablets and mobile computers are purpose-built to simplify processes for frontline workers in transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, and other industries. The devices include Zebra Mobility DNA software applications and tools to help customers better track inventory, manage projects and communication on job sites, and keep manufacturing processes and industrial workflows moving smoothly -- all certified to work with Verizon’s private wireless networks. Zebra’s devices can also leverage the capabilities of Zebra Workcloud software solutions.

With Verizon Private 5G, Zebra’s enterprise mobile computers and tablets will have more network capacity to work with, enabling instant and secure voice communication among groups of users in diverse commercial environments, from warehouses to manufacturing sites to industrial work zones and shipyards. This is critical for industry organizations that require reliable and fast communication and intricate process management.

“As a network provider, Verizon wants to make it easier for customers to get the devices and software they’ll need to take full advantage of their private network as soon as possible,” said Steve Szabo, Vice President of Business Products for Verizon Business. “Partnering directly with Zebra Technologies accelerates the timeline from adoption to implementation, giving critical days or weeks back to businesses that can get caught up in protracted cycles of getting operations up and running.”    

“We are excited about this collaboration with Verizon as private 5G represents a significant inflection point in wireless connectivity – providing a major technology and performance upgrade that will drive enhanced visibility and operational benefits for our enterprise customers,” said Julie Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies. “Zebra is committed to integrating 5G across the company’s entire portfolio, giving our customers more flexibility for their wireless and mobility needs.”  

Industries, environments and use cases for Zebra rugged enterprise mobile computers, tablets and software with Verizon private wireless networks include:

  • Retail: price/inventory checks, item location, mobile point of sale, assisted selling, workforce scheduling, workforce timekeeping, task management, front of store replenishment, loss prevention, actionable intelligence, price management, inventory visibility/cycle counts, workforce communications, inventory ordering, inventory ordering, forecasting and analysis

  • Warehouse, Manufacturing, Ports: Order/Inventory management, returns processing, item picking/put-away, EDI transactions, warehouse management, asset management, voice communications, forklift operations, assembly line quality control, track and trace, product information management, equipment maintenance, workforce management, shipping

  • Transportation & Logistics: asset management, parcel dimensioning, invoicing/mobile point of sale, fleet management, inventory management

The Zebra rugged enterprise mobile computers, tablets and software certified to work with Verizon Private 5G and LTE networks throughout the U.S. include:

  • Zebra TC58 and TC78 rugged enterprise mobile computers

  • Zebra ET45 8-inch rugged enterprise tablet

  • Zebra ET45 10-inch rugged enterprise tablet

  • Zebra Enterprise Browser with mobilized Warehouse Management (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which can also simplify how customers load and execute their own customer applications.

Select devices have multi-SIM capability for near-seamless transitions between an authenticated private network and Verizon’s public network. Customers who already have  Zebra devices may also be eligible to trade in or receive rebates for newer models through Zebra.

Visit to contact a Verizon Business rep and learn more about acquiring device technology to take full advantage of your Verizon Business private wireless network.

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