Verizon Fios adds new Spanish-language regional content

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Customers can now include regional add-ons from Mexico, Caribbean, South America and Spain to create the content lineup that’s unique to them

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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - Verizon Fios, the high-quality and reliable high-speed internet with no data caps, continues to keep customers connected and entertained with the Spanish-language content they love. New and existing Fios customers can include regional packages as add-ons to any Fios TV base plan. Customers can pick and choose from Región Caribeña (Caribbean), Región Mexicana (Mexico), Región Sudamericana (South America) and Región Española (Spain) at only $10 for the first regional package,and $5 for each additional region. All on the Verizon Fios 100% fiber-optic network. And with Fios Mix & Match, customers only pay for what they want, with no annual contracts or extra fees like broadcast or RSN.

“Verizon is offering international Fios packages to give customers even more personalized choices than ever before, now with access to the most relevant Spanish-languange content,” said Erin McPherson, Chief Content Officer at Verizon Consumer Group. “We are proud to offer content that better represents the vast diversity among our consumer segment, and will continue to bring choice and the best premium content available to them, all on the best network.”

Access to more than 70 Spanish-language channels from leading networks

Each regional Spanish package includes a set of unique channels, plus 42 channels that are shared by all of the regions. New channels have been added including Kanal D Drama (ch 1586), available on all regions except Región Española, Atreseries (ch 1588) and TVE Star (ch 1587) exclusively on Región Española, with more to come.

The new regional packages include:

  • Región Caribeña: Spanish-language programming plus news, sports, talk shows, and more from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Central America with channels such as Bein Sports, Telemicro Internacional and Tele El Salvador.

  • Región Mexicana: Spanish-language programming plus news, sports, telenovelas, talk shows, series and movies from Mexico with channels such as Multimedios, Milenio Televisión and Kanal D Drama.

  • Región Sudamericana: Spanish-language programming plus news, sports, telenovelas, talk shows, series and movies from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and more. Including channels such as Caracol Televisión, Ecuavisa and Canal Sur.

  • Región Española: Spanish-language programming, plus news, sports, talk shows, series, movies from Spain including channels such as Antenna 3, TVE and Atreseries.

How to sign-up for Spanish-language regional packages

For more information about Fios Spanish-language international packages and how to sign up, please visit

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