Verizon Frontline helped keep first responders connected during Super Bowl LVI

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LOS ANGELES - As Los Angeles celebrated a Rams victory in Super Bowl LVI, the Verizon Response Team was putting the finishing touches on its deployment in support of the first responders responsible for the health and safety of both Los Angeles county residents and those attending the game.

Weeks before kickoff, the Verizon Response Team began delivering the Verizon Frontline solutions federal and local public safety agencies would need to enable mission-critical communications in and around SoFi Stadium before, during and after the big game.

In close coordination with the Inglewood Police Department, the Verizon Response Team pre-positioned Verizon Frontline deployable assets at the agency’s Incident Command Post to enable rapid deployment of this mission-critical communications support equipment should it be needed. These assets included a Cell on a Light Truck (COLT), a Satellite Trailer Emitting Equipment Remote (STEER), a Satellite Pico-cell on a Trailer (SPOT) and a Generator on a Trailer (GOAT).

Verizon Frontline solutions were also provided to the Inglewood Police Department’s Joint Operations Center where, in partnership with 5G FWA edge solutions provider Inseego, the Verizon Response Team helped ensure federal, state and local public safety agencies had the network reliability and speed they would need to communicate and coordinate effectively during Super Bowl public safety operations.

“With the high bandwidth requirements of the local, state and federal law enforcement partners on scene, including video downlinks from helicopters providing situational awareness, it was reassuring to know we had a 5G Ultra Wideband connection measuring over a gigabit in speed we could utilize,” said Patrick Au of the City of Inglewood’s Information Technology Department.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department was also provided with Verizon Frontline solutions to enhance connectivity in their incident command trailer.

The Verizon Response Team coordinated closely with a number of other public safety agencies on hand for the Super Bowl to ensure each had the best-in-class connectivity and communications capabilities they needed to keep those in and around Los Angeles safe during one of the nation’s largest events.

Verizon Frontline is the advanced network and technology built for first responders – developed over nearly three decades of partnership with public safety officials and agencies – to meet their unique needs.

The Verizon Response Team provides on-demand, emergency assistance during crisis situations to government agencies, emergency responders, nonprofits and communities on a 24/7 basis. Verizon Response Team members set up portable cell sites, WiFi hotspots, free charging stations and other Verizon Frontline devices and solutions that enable communications and/or boost network performance.

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