Verizon helps block 11B spam texts, 26.5B Robocalls and counting

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If you or someone you know receives a spam text message, report it by simply forwarding the message to 7726 (SPAM) from your mobile phone.

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NEW YORK, N.Y. - Text messages are among the most trusted ways to communicate with one another, as well as for organizations to communicate with customers who have opted-in to receive messages. Verizon works hard behind the scenes to help block the bad while protecting the good. In 2021 alone, Verizon’s advanced systems processed 267 billion text messages and blocked delivery of more than 11 billion spam texts to wireless customers from senders misusing our consumer platform. As new spam campaigns are introduced, Verizon continues to tighten measures to protect customers.

Helping organizations and individuals ensure the right texts get through

As more organizations are communicating with customers via text message, Verizon continues to work toward ensuring that legitimate texts reach customers without risk of being blocked. For this reason, Verizon requires all organizations to comply with industry guidelines that, among other things, require organizations to obtain consent prior to sending texts as well as to honor opt-out requests. 

There’s also an easy step customers can take in the fight to stop spam texters. If you or someone you know receives a spam text message, report it by simply forwarding the message to 7726 (SPAM) from your mobile phone, and never respond to or click on a link in a message you are not expecting.

Meaningful progress on robocalls with enhancements to Call Filter

It’s not just spam texts that are a nuisance: robocalls can be pests as well. That’s why we’re doing even more to help customers know who is calling  with new enhancements to Call Filter. When customers receive a call from a phone number not saved in their contacts list, Call Filter will soon label calls with a category such as health care or public service. This new feature will help customers decide whether or not to answer a call.

In fact, from May to June 2022 alone, with the use of STIR/SHAKEN, Call Filter and additional tools, Verizon identified or blocked 2.5 billion unwanted calls for wireless customers, detecting more than 26.5 billion spam calls to date. And for our wireline customers, Verizon labels 1.2M calls with [V] for verified callers and 85K with [SPAM?] for robocalls for more than 3M Fios voice customers, on a daily basis.

Spam text and robocall prevention efforts build on the company’s network-as-a-service foundation and support core areas of growth and innovation across mobility.


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