Verizon makes high-speed, reliable internet more accessible with Fios Forward

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Qualifying customers can get fast internet on the residential internet service rated #1 in customer satisfaction in the East for eight years in a row1.

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NEW YORK - Verizon is making high-quality and reliable high-speed internet with no data caps more accessible to customers who qualify for financial assistance through Verizon Fios Forward. First offered to new customers in April 2020, Fios Forward greatly exceeds the speed and capabilities typically available for traditional home Internet assistance programs, and offers eligible customers a discount that lowers the cost of fast and reliable Fios Internet to as little as $19.99 per month plus tax.

Verizon Fios Forward, available to new and, now also, to existing customers who qualify for the Lifeline government assistance program, breaks the mold of affordable home internet offers, which often lacks the speed and capacity to meet the multi-user demands of at-home learning and remote work. Rather than create a sub-tier of service that limits the capacity for students to learn and families to seek advancement opportunities in a digitally-dependent future, it helps underserved households access the same Verizon Fios service rated Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Residential Internet Service in the East1.

“Our guiding principle is that we create the networks that move the world forward. Far too many families will be left behind if their home Internet can’t keep pace with today’s demands for learning and work,” said Frank Boulben, SVP-Consumer Marketing & Product at Verizon. “We know the impact connectivity has on advancement, so we’re extending Fios Forward to support digital inclusion and help create opportunity with affordable access to high-performing broadband Internet.”

Who qualifies for Verizon Fios Forward?

New and existing Fios customers must qualify for Lifeline to enroll in Fios Forward2. Eligible customers can then sign up for a Mix & Match Fios Home Internet plan with total savings of up to $20 per month. Plan options include:

  • Fios 200/200 Mbps (300/300 in NYDMA) for $19.99/mo

  • Fios 400/400 Mbps (500/500 in NYDMA) for $39.99/mo

  • Fios Gigabit Connection (up to 940/880 Mbps) with router included for $59.99/mo

What’s different about Verizon Fios Forward?

With entry-level 200 or 300Mbps upload and download speeds with no data caps, Fios customers can experience uploads up to 75x faster and downloads 10x faster3 than comparable plans. The faster speed and increased capacity make a massive difference when family members make video calls, stream content for remote learning and upload files for work or class projects at the same time.

Customers may bring their own router, or Verizon will waive router costs for the first 60 days for new subscribers. Qualifying new customers will also be eligible for additional promotions and benefits, including getting up to 12 months of discovery+ on us4 to feed a family’s imagination with content from Animal Planet, Discovery, HGTV, Food Network and more.

"A broadband internet connection isn’t the full measure of how much a family can become part of an inclusive future for the digital age,” said Frank Boulben. “The quality of that connection determines who can keep pace in the always-on, always-evolving world we live in today, so we must do more to make truly high-speed internet more accessible to the families most in need of assistance.”

“We want more children to have connections strong enough to unleash their imagination and curiosity with the same video, remote learning and AR/VR tools as their peers, and Verizon Fios Forward brings us closer to that goal,” he added.

How to sign-up for affordable Internet with Verizon Fios Forward

Visit to apply for the Lifeline discount, which is required to get Verizon Fios Forward, and get more order information. Once qualified, select a qualifying Mix & Match Fios Home Internet plan and then follow instructions to call Verizon to confirm your discount5.

Verizon’s continued commitment to Digital Inclusion

Verizon is committed to creating a digitally inclusive and equitable society, supporting digital inclusion initiatives, we enable individuals and communities to develop the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital age. These initiatives build upon Citizen Verizon, the company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement, which includes efforts to help under-resourced communities bridge the digital divide for more than 38 million students across 40 states and the District of Columbia. To learn more about Verizon’s Digital Inclusion efforts, visit

1 Based on customer response in J.D. Power 2013-2020 U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Studies. Visit

2 Eligibility for Lifeline varies by state. Only one Lifeline discount allowed per household.

3 Based on median upload/download speeds of 4Mbps and 27.5Mbps among comparable internet assistance programs.

4 discovery+ available only to new Fios customers. Get 12 months of discovery+ (Ad-Free) on Verizon with Fios Gigabit Connection; 6 months with Fios 400 or 500 Mbps; 3 months with Fios 200 or 300 Mbps. Subscription will auto-renew at $6.99 unless the customer cancels. Cancel anytime. Offer valid 1.4.21 – 3.17.21.

5 You must call Verizon to confirm your Lifeline eligibility within 90 days of installation in order to receive the Verizon-funded discounts. Discounts are not retroactive. Existing customers, once they are on a qualifying Mix & Match plan, can call to have the discount applied.

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