Verizon is prepared for Florida hurricane threat – are you?

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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - With forecasts of severe weather that may become Tropical Storm Alex and threaten Florida this weekend, Verizon is more prepared than ever to respond and help customers and first responders this hurricane season.

While hurricane season officially began earlier this week (June 1), Verizon engineers have been preparing year-round by conducting emergency drills, testing fiber and cell-site readiness, and strategically positioning extra recovery equipment that includes more than 500 portable assets.

Verizon’s extreme network is recognized for reliability and designed to withstand extreme weather with redundancy on critical paths and components to continue to serve its customers to deliver superior service. Battery and generator backup systems in critical locations – such as macro cell sites, switch locations and network-operation centers – also minimize the risk of disruption if commercial power is lost. Verizon engineers also ensure all cell-site generator fuel levels are high, test battery back-ups at network facilities, and prep emergency crews to respond quickly to any network issue.

And Verizon Frontline – the advanced network and technology built for and with first responders – and the Verizon Frontline Response Team, which provides critical communications to public safety agencies, continue to support first responders on the front lines. In 2021, the Verizon Frontline Response Team deployed Verizon Frontline assets – including portable cell sites, drones, charging stations and Wi-Fi hotspots – 84 times, to 13 states, to support public safety agencies’ hurricane response efforts.

Following more than $1 billion of Florida investments over a two-year span that added much-needed network capacity and will pay off during hurricane season, Verizon recently announced it’s investing an additional $149 million in Florida to bring another 3,500 network solutions online and further bolster the network statewide. 

For B-roll videos and photos of Verizon’s response to past storms, equipment, recovery efforts and more, visit Verizon’s Emergency Resource Hub.

Here’s how Floridians can prepare for hurricane season

Verizon’s retail team is ready to ensure customers have the right devices, accessories and connectivity to weather the storm. And convenient pickup options – including lockers, curbside and in-store – allow you to get what you need and get going.

In addition to the right tech, you’ll also want to take precautions to ensure your family is prepared for hurricane season as well. With a potential Tropical Storm Alex looming, it’s smart to take the following steps now to ensure you stay connected:

  • Keep devices dry: While many phones today have some degree of water resistance, you’ll want to ensure phones, tablets, batteries, chargers and other equipment remain dry and accessible. Plastic zipper storage bags help shield devices, as do weatherproof phones, cases and other protective accessories.

  • Keep devices fully charged: Make sure your device is ready by keeping phone and tablet batteries fully charged, especially in the event of a power outage.

  • Get backup: When power is out for long stretches, portable battery packs and car chargers can help you stay connected, especially if you need to evacuate.

  • Make a list: Maintain a list of emergency numbers in your phone at all times.

  • Be prepared for loss: Take pictures of valuables for possible insurance claims, and make sure they’re uploaded to the cloud so you have a backup.

  • Review checklists: Review the hurricane preparedness checklist, power outage checklist and other resources from the American Red Cross.

  • Download useful apps: There are many free weather, news and safety-related apps available to download to your smartphone.

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Hurricane season is right around the corner and Verizon’s response team is geared up and ready to keep communities and first responders connected when it matters most.
Verizon’s architects and engineers have designed and built a wireless network that stands up to the most extreme circumstances – we call it our Extreme Network.