Artist Uses Technology to Connect With Fans and Gain Popularity

Today’s technology has enabled artists to connect with fans in meaningful ways. The evolution of faster mobile networks – with increased speed and bandwidth – helps musicians share video and allows fans to watch performances from anywhere.

Singer/songwriter Daria Musk is one of those musicians who has harnessed technology to share her music. Daria will broadcast her next concert from a Manhattan rooftop through the Verizon Wireless Google+ and YouTube pages using the Google+ Hangouts on Air feature. She will be using a 4G LTE mobile hotspot to stream the video to those pages.  Online concerts are not new for Daria. Last year, after receiving an invite from her brother to join Google+, she had the idea to have a live concert using the video chat feature, known as a hangout. The idea worked and took off, resulting in her playing six and eight hour shows as people rotated in and out of the hangout. Within months she went from a few thousand fans to more than 1.5 million on Google+.“Through Google+ I discovered an entire world of people to sing for and connect with face-to-face and it changed my life overnight. Now I’m so excited Verizon Wireless is giving me a chance to stay connected with them everywhere I go,” said Daria. “I can’t wait to share every moment. It’s a new world and music and tech keep us together.”Daria will broadcast her next concert this Thursday at 6 p.m. ET on the Verizon Wireless Google+ and YouTube pages.

Photo credit: R. H. Alexander