What customers need to know about upcoming changes to verizon.net email service

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Over the next several weeks Verizon will be notifying all customers who have a verizon.net email address about changes to the way they receive their email. All customers will be given two options on how to handle their email going forward, including the ability to keep their verizon.net email address. Not all customers will be notified at the same time – once a customer receives the notification, he or she will be provided their own date and timeline to take action to ensure their access to email is not interrupted. No other Verizon services will be impacted. Visit verizon.com/email for more information. Here are some key things to know:

Who is affected?

Verizon’s residential Fios Internet and DSL High Speed Internet customers who have verizon.net email addresses.

What is happening?

Verizon will no longer provide verizon.net email service. However, customers will be able to keep their current email address. When they receive their notification, they’ll be provided two choices.

  1. Those who wish to keep their verizon.net addresses can migrate their accounts to AOL Mail. There, they will keep their same verizon.net address along with all their existing emails, contacts, and calendars automatically.
  2. Customers choosing a different email provider such as Outlook.com or Gmail will have the option to manually migrate their emails, contacts and calendars, but will not retain their verizon.net email address.

When is this happening?

Verizon began this process earlier this year and will continue notifying customers with verizon.net email addresses about this change over the next several weeks. Once customers receive their notification, they will have 30 days to migrate their account to AOL or any other provider. Customers that do not take action within 30 days of receiveing their notice will have their accounts blocked. If no action is taken within 180 days, the mailbox will be deleted.

Where will I access my email?

Customers choosing to keep their verizon.net email address and have migrated to AOL will access their verizon.net email account at mail.aol.com. Customers who choose not to keep their verizon.net email address will access their email through the email provider of their choosing.

Why is this happening?

This allows us to better focus on what we do best – providing the best TV, Internet and voice services out there. AOL will provide our verizon.net email customers an excellent platform with superior features and a better experience.

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