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Employment of the future: Veterans Day edition

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How military service is preparing the next generation for 4IR jobs

Play Video Mike Mason, Jamal Othman, Jared Lyon & Darienne Page Talk About "Employment Of The Future"

Watch Matt Forte of OATH as he speaks with Mike Mason (Verizon), Jamal Othman (NYC Gov), Jared Lyon (Student Veterans of America) and Darienne Page (LYFT)  

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, and the next generation is already hard at work preparing for this new reality, training for the workforce of the future. This can take many paths.

One proven route to mastering the technologies of the future will always be military service. Veterans have continually shown remarkable resiliency. After their time in uniform, they adapt into a civilian job the teamwork, technical prowess, and problem-solving that they learned in the military. With many emerging technologies having originated in military, veterans will lead the way with their valuable experiences. 

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