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What are the best headphones?

The best type of headphones are the ones that work best for you. If you want longer battery life and high-quality audio, over-the-ear headphones are the way to go. If, however, you're looking for something a little more discrete or easier to wear for workouts, try earbuds. No matter which kind you choose, Bluetooth can help you avoid being tied to cables.

How do noise-cancelling headphones work?

Noise-cancelling headphones help block out annoying noise you don't want to hear so you focus on the sounds you actually do. Little microphones inside your headphones act as guards on the lookout for surrounding sounds. If extraneous noises are detected, the microphones emit anti-noise sound waves that cancel out the bothersome ones so you don't hear them.

Which Bose headphones are best?

We love all Bose headphones equally of course, but you might love one more depending on what you're looking for. Hate getting tied up in headphone wires? Consider Bose's Bluetooth earbuds with world-class performance and comfort. If you want great sound without any annoying background noise, Bose Noise Cancelling headphones might be for you. If comfort is your thing, check out the lightweight and super comfortable QuietComfort Headphones.

Can I connect Bose headphones to my iPhone?

Yes, you can connect them. Just make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and then pair your headphones with the iPhone. Download the Bose Music app to manage multiple device connections and access key features. Then go where your music takes you.

Where can I buy headphones?

Shopping for your next pair of headphones is easy. You can find deals at Verizon on all types and brands of high quality headphones, including Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. Or if you'd like to really get to know your headphones and experience them in person, visit a Verizon store near you.

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Does Bluetooth drain your battery power?

Having the Bluetooth on, especially if you're not actively using a connected device, really doesn't eat up much power. In fact, it only uses about 1-3% a day.

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4?

Game on. Fortunately, most headphones do connect to PS4. To connect, turn on the Bluetooth for your console. Then, turn on your headphones and sync them to your console.

What devices can I connect to my Bluetooth headphones?

Any Bluetooth-enabled phone, computer, gaming device, tablets, speaker or even TV can easily pair with your Bluetooth headphones.

Are Bluetooth headphones safe?

Yes, using your Bluetooth headphones are relatively safe. Bluetooth technology only emits low levels of nonionizing radiation. According to the FDA, "Routine exposure to non-ionizing radiation is generally perceived as harmless to humans."

Which Bluetooth headphones connect with iPhones?

Almost all Bluetooth headphones can be paired with iPhones. Nice, right? Some of the more popular brands include Bose, Apple, Beats, JBL, Samsung and Sony.

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How do earbuds work?

Traditional headphones use cables to transmit audio from your device to your ears. Earbuds, on the other hand, ditch the cables and use Bluetooth technology to bring the audio to you.

Can I connect Bose earbuds to my smartphone or laptop?

Yes, Bose earbuds work with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or laptop. Just make sure the Bluetooth is turned on for the device, pair it with your Bose earbuds and you're all set.

What devices can I connect with my earbuds?

You name it. Any Bluetooth-enabled phone, computer, gaming device, tablet, speaker or even TV can easily pair with your earbuds. This includes devices from Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google and many other companies.

Do earbuds work with all brands like Samsung, Apple and Google?

Yes, you should be able to use your earbuds with all your favorite brands, including Samsung, Apple and Google. That's because most wireless Bluetooth earbuds work with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Happy listening.

Are earbuds safe?

Earbuds are as safe as any other headphone. The key to protecting your hearing is the volume. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend maintaining environmental noises below 70 dBA over 24-hours (75 dBA over 8-hours) to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. So listen well.

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