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Verizon Enhanced
Value Program

Premium amenities add
exceptional value that
and retains residents.

Today's residents demand excellent connectivity, service, extras and the freedom to choose. You can deliver all of this and more with the Verizon Enhanced Communities™ Value Program.

As an owner, developer or board member of a homeowners association, you can leverage the buying power of your community to get industry-leading Internet or TV at discounted rates. Through the Verizon Enhanced Communities Value Program, our team will help you actively promote Verizon as a key amenity to all your residents or homeowners. And provide the dedicated, end-to-end support that will keep them happy for years to come.

Residents can enjoy the top-rated Internet and TV services in the market, with unmatched bandwidth capacity, unsurpassed quality picture and sound, channel variety that cable cannot match, and the best HD offering.

Make your community more competitive by offering the most in-demand amenity, backed by unsurpassed quality service. Cable is yesterday's technology. Having Verizon says that your community is state-of-the-art in the latest technology, and positioned for growth as new applications and services continue to rapidly evolve. Verizon has the power to grow as bandwidth needs increase, allowing residents to enjoy the best-rated Internet and TV services on the market.

Give your residents what they want—the power to stay digitally connected now and in the future.

Want to explore getting the Verizon Enhanced Communities Value Program for your property?