Long Island shoreline in New York state

Verizon internet service & cell phone plans in New York

Whether you do pilates in Bushwick and eat cauliflower crust pizza or endure long winters, have been to a tractor pull and drink Labatt Blue, you call New York home. We don't need to argue where upstate begins and downstate ends. From Queens to Niagara Falls, you need a cell phone and home internet provider that connects you to everything amazing in the Empire state. In the Empire State, you deserve to get what you need and just what you want. Verizon Fios can give you both. Not only do you get one of the fastest networks in America and customized TV packages, but you can mix and match plans, so you only pay for what you need. Throughout New York Verizon brings you ultra-fast home internet and cell phone plans on America’s most reliable 5G network*
Long Island shoreline in New York state

Verizon Fios home internet for today - and tomorrow

New Yorkers move fast. Shouldn’t your home internet service? Fios connects New York with its superhighway of phenomenal speed built on a reliable 100% fiber optic network. Want TV? Fios lets you mix and match internet and TV plans so you only pay for what you want. Unlike some cable providers, Fios mix and match customers don’t have to worry about expiring promotional pricing after the first year, or extra fees like broadcast or regional sports network fees

And it doesn’t stop there. Pair a Fios home internet plan with a Verizon mobile plan and you can save on both bills every month when you enroll in Mobile + Home Rewards through Verizon Up.

Verizon cell phone plans in New York

Verizon’s excellent reliability can help you stand up to the brutal blizzards of the snow belt and the high demands of millions in NYC on any given day. Having a supercharged network isn’t just for those living in the city—from the Hudson Valley to Plattsburgh to as far west as Buffalo and many places in between, Verizon has flexible home internet and cell phone plans with reliable coverage to help keep New Yorkers connected when it matters most.

Verizon Fios moving services in New York

Moving? Switching services is easy with Verizon.

Buying a new house or moving to a new address? A move is a great time to evaluate all your communication services and make the move to Verizon for fast, reliable service. If you’re a new customer, we’re happy to help you set up the services you need. And if you’re already an existing customer, transferring and/or adding services is easy with 24/7 online account access, online and phone customer support and professional installation when needed. If you haven’t upgraded your cell phone service in a while, you may find that Verizon’s Unlimited plans can help you avoid data overage charges. Why not take a minute now and see which Verizon services are available where you’re headed?
Verizon Fios moving services in New York

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