Verizon home internet service & cell phone plans on Long Island

Whether you’re dreaming of sneaking down to the shorefront for a midday hangout session, enjoying an ice cream cone and making memories with the family on Fire Island, or simply exploring one of the scenic state parks, there’s so much to enjoy on Long Island. Here’s another thing Long Island residents can now enjoy: America’s most reliable 5G network*, bringing you ultra-fast home internet and cell phone service throughout the state. You deserve to get what you need and just what you want. Verizon Fios can give you both. Not only do you get the internet America relies on and customized TV packages, but you can mix and match plans, so you only pay for what you need.

Verizon Fios home internet for today—and tomorrow

Fios connects users with its superhighway of phenomenal speed built on a reliable 100% fiber optic network. gets Fios 1 Gig, our home internet plan that delivers upload speeds up to 25x faster* than cable providers.

Want TV? Unlike some cable providers, Fios mix and match customers don’t have to worry about expiring promotional pricing after the first year, or extra fees like broadcast or regional sports network fees.

Verizon cell phone plans on Long Island

If you’re stuck in traffic on the LIE or running to catch the LIRR train, you need a cell phone provider that connects you to everything amazing in Long Island. Verizon has invested more than $145 billion since 2000 to bring you the network more people rely on.

As the largest wireless phone carrier in the U.S., Verizon already delivers the nation's fastest 4G LTE network with the best coverage, reaching over 99% of the population and 327 million people. In addition, we’ve introduced 5G Ultra Wideband in parts of certain cities, with more coming online soon.

Moving to New York?

Switching services is easy with Verizon.

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