Support Billing & Account Package Locker FAQs

Package Locker

An electronic locker system that receives and safely secures your packages until you can pick them up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Verizon have to do with my buildings electronic locker system?

  • Verizon and Parcel Pending have partnered to provide you with a best in class customer experience. For residents with qualifying Fios orders, you are able to pick up your Fios equipment on the spot and install today.

  • Where can I order?

  • visit or call 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966)

  • How can I pick up the equipment?

  • Passcode information will be provided through your Verizon email order confirmation. The passcode information will also be easily accessible in both your My Verizon account or the My Fios App. Simply input your passcode at the kiosk of your electronic locker system and take home your Fios equipment today.

  • Where is my package locker system located?

  • Generally, these are located in main and/or common areas at apartment buildings. You can also check with your property management company for this information. The location will be named within your order confirmation.

  • How long will it take to receive the passcode information?

  • It will be included in the order confirmation email that will be sent shortly after the order is submitted.

  • Do I have to pick up the equipment today?

  • You do not. You have from the date you placed the order plus 5 business days to pick up your equipment until billing starts.

  • Do I have to pick up the equipment within a certain timeframe?

  • No; however, billing will begin on your due date.

  • What happens if I do not pick up the equipment by the due date?

  • Billing begins on your due date. You will be provided a due date with your order confirmation. Billing will begin either on the date you install service or by your due date (which is date service is ordered + 5 business days). Equipment can be held in the locker post due date without penalty; however, billing will begin on the specified due date.

  • I am moving into my new apartment next week or next month. I want to install service same day. Can I place my order well in advance to secure the equipment?

  • Unfortunately not. Eligibility for package locker pickup are for residents that elect a due date within 5 business days. You can wait to order service closer to your move in date, however equipment is not guaranteed to be available.

  • I need to return my equipment.

  • Follow the instructions provided in the self-install kit for returns. Visit for additional help.

  • I want to pick up my equipment and install service today, however I am not being offered this option.

  • This option will be presented based on available inventory at the lockers and only to those residents electing to self-install.

  • Where can I locate self-install instructions?

  • During your installation, visit My Verizon for interactive support at any point.

  • What should I do if I am unable to complete self installation?

  • During your installation, visit My Verizon for interactive support at any point.

  • Who should I call if there are issues with accessing or opening my locker(s)?

  • Parcel Pending customer support agents are available by phone & email 24 hours/7 days/week. They can be reached at either 1.855.316.4756 or via email at