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Verizon Fios TV Channel Comparison

Compare your Fios TV plan

As a Fios TV subscriber, you can compare your current channel lineup with other available plans 24/7. To compare your current channel lineup with our other available packages, visit the Fios TV channel plans page.

View Fios TV Plans

How to compare channels across plans

From the list of available channel plans, you can view the channel lineups for various Fios TV plans as well as:

  • Sort channels alphabetically or by channel number
  • Filter out certain types of programming
  • Print a customized channel lineup sheet

For a more in-depth comparison of available channels within each Fios TV channel package, click and scroll to compare channels across our plans, then enter your Zip Code > Location > See channel lineup > See all plans; select up to five plans > Compare or Print Screen

Compare channels across our plans

You can also shop for Verizon Fios Service Plan bundles and compare prices with your existing plan.

Compare TV plans

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