Account Take Over

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What is account takeover?

The definition of account takeover is when a fraudster uses someone's personal information to take over their online accounts. Once in, they can roam free in the account environment and make purchases, change passwords and make changes to personal information.

How criminals get usernames and passwords:

Dark Web: Purchase of data through data breach marketplaces on the dark web.

Phishing: Directly from the consumer using malware or via phishing

Hacking: Hackers use bots to test different credential combinations on multiple sites to gain access.

Tips to protect yourself from an account take over.

Use strong passwords. It’s important that each of your online accounts has a strong, unique and complicated password.  Enable two-or multi-factor authentication when it’s available.

Monitor your account. Check to see if your account for unfamiliar or suspicious transactions, or if there is any newly saved shipping or credit card information.

Carefully guard your personal information. Secure your social security number and bank account numbers. Shred all paper documents that contains this information.

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