Manage email-to-text
opt-in and opt-out

If you have been getting unwanted email-to-text messages on your mobile devices, we have provided you with helpful information on how to opt out from receiving these unwanted messages.

What is email-to-text?

Email-to-text is the ability to send a text or image to any device via email. It is an email sent using your mobile number's email address (e.g. or The service is not intended for commercial or emergency purposes. It is intended for low-volume consumer use only.

If I don’t want email-to-text, how do I turn it off?

You can turn email-to-text off by texting Off to 4040.

What if I have turned off email-to-text and realize I receive important messages this way?

You can turn email-to-text back on by texting On to 4040.

Will I miss out on receiving any important messages by opting out of email-to-text?

Although most messages sent via email-to-text are from spammers, some lawful businesses and other organizations may still use email-to-text to send legitimate messages to their customers. Despite that, email-to-text is not intended for business messages. By opting out from receiving email-to-text messages, there is a risk that you might miss out on text messages from a business or organization with which you have a relationship, until those business senders switch to a different delivery method.

How do I know if I turned off the email-to-text message functionality?

Text Status to 4040 and it will return your status to you.

  • If you are opted out, it will return “Email-to-Text is blocked for your phone number. Text “on”  to 4040 to allow.”
  • If it is still enabled, it will return  “Email-to-Text has been allowed for your phone number. Text “off” to 4040 to block.”

How do I check the status of my receiving email-to-text messages?

If you are unsure if your device has email-to-text turned on, you can text the word Status to 4040.

Here are all the other options you can use to message to short code 4040:

  • Text keyword Off to disable from receiving email-to-text messages
  • Text keyword On to enable your email-to-text functionality 
  • Text keyword Help to receive instructions

I have a business and my email-to-text messages are not going through. What should I do?

Email-to-text is not intended for business/non-consumer (also known as A2P) messages. It is a legacy platform built to support  low-volume consumer traffic only. Verizon has relationships with aggregator partners who offer messaging services for Business Messaging. We recommend you reach out to: Imimobile, Infobip, Kaleyra, Sinch, Syniverse, Twilio, Vibes Media, or consider Verizon’s Enterprise Messaging (EMAG) solution

What’s the difference if I text short code “4040” versus “7726”?

  • 4040 - Manages your opt in/ opt out status of email-to-text. 
  • 7726 - A universal way to report  any suspicious  spam or unwanted text messages. 

How do I go about reporting a spam message?

Manually forward the message to 7726.

Apple Device

  • Open your Apple text messaging app  
  • Find and select the spam text message you want to report to junk
  • Tap “Report Junk” button within your text messaging app
  • Select “Delete and Report Junk”

Android Device
Android Messages 

  • Open your Android messaging app
  • Long-press the message you want to block 
  • Select the three dots in the upper left corner
  • Select Block  
  • Select “Report Spam”
  •  Then tap ok


  • Open your Message+ messaging app
  • Long-press on the message you want to report to spam
  • Select “Report Spam” from the pop-up screen
  • Select “Report Spam”

Samsung Messages

  • Open your Samsung messaging app
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Select “Block Numbers and Spam”
  • Select “Block Numbers”
  • Select “Messages”
  • Select the conversation you want to block