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Hum services include: vehicle diagnostics and location assistance, emergency calling, crash detection, automated alerts to emergency personnel in response to detection of an accident, driver Safety Scoring that gives you feedback about your driving and tips on ways your driving might be improved, real-time vehicle tracking, navigation, boundary alerts, gas finder, vehicle maintenance scheduling and roadside assistance. Your Hum service also includes a mobile application and might include Wi-Fi hotspot service from Verizon Wireless. Wi-Fi hotspot service privacy practices are covered by Verizon’s Privacy Policy.

Hum’s privacy practices are covered by Verizon’s Privacy Policy as well as the practices described here. In the event of a conflict between the two policies, the practices described in this policy govern when you are using Hum services.

Read Verizon's Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how it is used.

We collect information that you provide, including your name, contact information, payment information, insurance policy information, vehicle nickname, license plate number and avatar or photograph. Hum on-board diagnostic (“OBD”) readers automatically collect information from and about your vehicle  such as make, model, color, year and identification number; vehicle performance and maintenance characteristics, and vehicle location and use information (including trip distances, acceleration, deceleration, turning, speed and revolutions per minute). We use this information to provide Hum services including the driver Safety Score and  real-time vehicle tracking.

The Hum app also collects location  information from your mobile device when you permit it. We use this information to provide you with  navigation, gas finder and roadside assistance. 

Your vehicle location collected from your OBD reader and your location collected from your mobile device are considered sensitive personal information under some state laws. We use this information to provide you service and for no other purpose.

Information we share.

We may share Information that identifies your vehicle and other personal information with service providers who work on our behalf. These vendors may use vehicle information and personal information shared with them only for purposes related to providing Hum services. We also disclose  information when necessary to provide Hum services such as alerting emergency personnel of your location if a crash is detected, helping authorities locate your vehicle if you report it stolen or helping roadside assistance services locate your vehicle.

If you link your Hum app to your Google Assistant account to enable hands-free use of Hum features through the Google Assistant, your Hum device information may be shared with Google Assistant. When you link accounts and use Google Assistant to interact with your Hum device, device information including your vehicle’s performance, maintenance and location is shared with Google and may be used as described in the Google Assistant terms of service and privacy policy. You may stop sharing information with Google Assistant using the Hum settings menu.

Hum information may also be shared with third parties in a way that does not identify you personally. For example, car manufacturers could use it to understand characteristics about vehicle models.

Your choices and controls

You can control the Hum app’s collection of location and motion information from your mobile device using your device location settings. You will not be able to use location-based features like navigation, gas finder and roadside assistance when location is off. 

You can opt out of receiving Hum-related marketing mail or texts by calling 1-800-711-5800.

Your rights under state laws.

You may have additional privacy rights under state privacy laws. You can read more in the full privacy policy.

If you have a Verizon wireless account, you can request access to personal information for your Hum and other Verizon services by visiting the Verizon Privacy Dashboard and logging in with your Mobile account credentials. You can also request to correct or delete personal information through the Privacy Dashboard.  

Prior to January 2023, Hum was available for purchase without a Verizon wireless account. Verizon stopped offering that option in December 2022. If you were a Hum customer without a Verizon wireless account, you can request access to personal information that we retain by signing into the Hum app on your mobile device. You can also request that we correct or delete personal information by emailing us at

Last Update: February, 2023