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Verizon’s Gizmo products and services include Gizmo , as well as the GizmoHub app which allows parents to monitor usage of their Gizmo devices, locate Gizmo wearables and more. Gizmo’s privacy practices are covered by Verizon’s Privacy Policy as well as the practices described here. In the event of a conflict between the two policies, the practices described in this policy govern when you are using Gizmo products and services.


GizmoPal 1, GizmoPal 2, Gizmo Gadget, GizmoWatch, GizmoWatch 2, GizmoWatch 3, GizmoWatch Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Edition, and GizmoWatch Disney Edition

Read Verizon’s Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how it is used.

Information we collect from you. We collect information when you set up Gizmo services through the GizmoHub app, including your name, mobile telephone number, email address, and your child’s name, age, photo, and relationship to you. Additional information that is collected depends on the Gizmo products your child uses and the features that you choose to activate. If you activate a Gizmo wearable, we collect information through the GizmoHub app about trusted contacts and buddies you assign, audio and video call and messaging usage between you and your child and messages you send to your child. If your child uses a GizmoWatch Disney Edition, you also have the option to enter medical information via the GizmoHub app to display on the watch when someone presses the SOS button.

Information we collect from trusted contacts. We collect information from your trusted contacts through the GizmoHub app including email address, mobile telephone number, audio and video call and messaging usage between the trusted contact and your child, and messages sent by trusted contacts to your child.

Information we collect from your child (including children under 13)When your child uses a Gizmo wearable, we collect device information (such as identifiers, mobile telephone number, operating system, and watch version), app and feature usage, location, audio call usage, and wireless network data usage. When your child uses Gizmo Gadget, GizmoWatch, GizmoWatch2, GizmoWatch 3, GizmoWatch Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Edition or GizmoWatch Disney Edition, we also collect messaging usage, the number of steps taken, and text messages exchanged between your child and you and between your child and your trusted contacts and buddies. These devices, other than GizmoGadget, also collect audio messages exchanged between your child and you and between your child and your trusted contacts or buddies. If your child uses GizmoWatch Disney Edition or GizmoWatch 3, we also collect video calling usage as well as photo and video messages exchanged between your child and you, and between your child and your trusted contacts which include other Gizmo device users and buddies if you add them as trusted contacts.

We use the information we collect to deliver, maintain, support and improve Gizmo services, including to provide you with location information for your Gizmo devices, and for analytics. Approximate geolocation identifying an area of approximately ⅔ of a mile radius of your child may also be used by our partner Accuweather to provide weather updates if requested by GizmoWatch Disney Edition, GizmoWatch 2, and GizmoWatch 3 users. 

We do not collect more information from Gizmo devices than is reasonably necessary to deliver Gizmo services. Gizmo products and services do not allow children to make their personal information publicly available. We use your child’s information as outlined above and for no other purposes.  

We retain account information as long as your . We retain activity logs for up to 60 days from when you close your account.

Gizmo Account Is Active In The Gizmohub App

This requires that you delete your account, as we do not recognize the deletion of an app the same as closing an account. You can delete your account in your app settings by clicking on “Terms & privacy” and then “Delete your account” under “State privacy rights.”

Information we share.

We share personal information with who work on our behalf. These vendors are contractually obligated to use personal information shared with them solely to help us provide Gizmo services and not for advertising, profile creation, or any other purpose. We do not sell, share or use your or your child’s information for any other purposes. .


We share your child’s personal information with our platform provider, SmartCom, as needed for troubleshooting and with Here Technologies and Mapbox for mapping and location services when you request your child’s location or your child shares their location with you.

Your choices.

For the Gizmo services to work, you must provide consent through the GizmoHub app for us to collect information from your child, as well as your and your child’s location. Your precise location, your child’s precise location, and other information collected about your child is “sensitive personal information” under some state laws. Your consent is required for us to collect, use and disclose such information, and we will not do so without your consent.

Specifically, parents are asked to provide consent for all Gizmo devices that are paired with the app to collect device identifiers and phone information such as mobile telephone number, operating system, and watch version; location; steps taken; call, messaging and data usage; as well as photo, video, audio and text messages sent between the wearable and the GizmoHub app. 

You may revoke your consent at any time, however, certain Gizmo services will not be available without your consent. You may review the information collected from Gizmo devices. To revoke consent or request to review information, please contact us by email, telephone or mail at the address listed below.

The GizmoHub app gives you additional choices depending on the device that your child uses and the features that you choose to activate. For Gizmo wearables, you can turn on auto-answer, a feature which allows your call to be automatically answered by the wearable after ten seconds and that lasts up to 60 seconds. Auto-answer is not available in school mode, but is available in all other modes when your child is alerted to an incoming call by a ring, a vibration and/or an indication on the watch screen. If your child uses the Gizmo Watch Disney Edition or GizmoWatch 3, you can turn off the video calling feature in the settings page of the GizmoHub app.

You can also choose up to nineteen trusted contacts or buddies for the GizmoWatch 2 or GizmoWatch 3, and nine trusted contacts for other Gizmo wearables, and give them permission to communicate with the child by phone and by photo, video, audio and text messaging via the GizmoHub app. If authorized by you, trusted contacts can also use the GizmoHub app to turn on auto-answer for their calls to your child. Only you and guardians assigned by you can add, change or remove trusted contacts.

Your Rights Under State Laws.

You may have additional privacy rights under state privacy laws. You can read more in the full privacy policy. To access, delete or correct your personal information, sign in to the Gizmo app on your mobile device.

For more information or assistance, you can contact us by email at, by phone at 800-922-0204, or at: 

Verizon Privacy Office
1300 I Street, NW, Suite 500 East
Washington, DC 20005

Last Update: June, 2023


Verizon confirmation seal

Participating member In good standing

Verizon is a valid licensee, and participating member in good standing, of the Children's Advertising Review Unit's (“CARU”) COPPA Safe Harbor Program (“CARU Safe Harbor”) only with respect to the GizmoWatch Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Edition and the GizmoWatch Disney Edition. CARU conducts independent audits of these Services and uses other enforcement and accountability mechanisms in its certification process. Services bearing the CARU Safe Harbor icon meet established online information collection, use, and disclosure practices in compliance with applicable privacy laws and best practices. Verizon’s other Gizmo products follow the same guidance.

If you believe that Verizon has not responded to your privacy-related inquiry or your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, you may contact CARU by email at or by mail at:


Attention: COPPA Safe Harbor Program

1676 International Drive, Suite 550

McLean, VA 22102

Please note that CARU is not affiliated with Verizon and cannot help you with non-privacy-related issues.