SPAM? Verizon gives you a new tool to avoid those pesky robocalls with new Caller ID feature

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NEW YORK – “I love robocalls,” said no one ever. In reality, the opposite is true, and it is in that spirit that Verizon is introducing a new Caller ID feature for its landline phone customers to help them protect themselves from potential malicious robocalls.

While Caller ID has always been a way for customers to screen unknown numbers as possible robocalls (and perhaps avoid certain known numbers!), just because a number is unknown doesn’t mean it might not be an important call.

Verizon’s new feature, called Spam Alerts, will now show “SPAM?” before a caller’s name on the Caller ID display if the calling number matches Verizon’s spam criteria. When a customer sees this, they’ll be able to better decide if they should answer the call.

Spam Alerts is automatically available now at no additional charge to all landline customers with Caller ID, whether they’re on copper or fiber.

Verizon's Spam Alerts feature utilizes TNS's Call Guardian and Neustar’s Robocall Mitigation solution to proactively identify illegal robocalls and other fraudulent caller activity with more accuracy.

Verizon is the first to offer an integrated landline feature like this to help customers make more informed decisions on whether to answer a call from an unknown number.

It’s also the latest tool Verizon has introduced to help its customers avoid robocalls. The recently upgraded Caller Name ID app gives Verizon Wireless customers the ability to identify incoming callers and text message senders by name and its Robocall Protection feature warns customers when incoming calls are likely spam, fraud, or a robocall.

Learn more about Verizon's anti-robocall tools and how consumers can better protect themselves

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