Building wireless networks with diverse suppliers

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We all love on our wireless devices, but while we are busy surfing, streaming and sharing, it’s easy to take for granted the massive infrastructure investments necessary to build wireless networks capable of delivering the speed, reliability and capacity our customers rely on. From coast to coast a diverse group of businesses are working hard to provide the infrastructure that powers today’s wireless world.

Verizon’s world class wireless network is the backbone of our company, and we are proud of the fact that our network is being built, maintained and upgraded in partnership with diverse vendors and suppliers at every step of the way. That’s why Verizon is proud to partner with PCIA—the Wireless Infrastructure Association—to host an inaugural Supplier Diversity Summit that’s taking place this week at the 2016 Wireless Infrastructure Show in Dallas, Texas. This unique forum will provide women, veteran and minority owned suppliers with opportunities to interact directly with our suppler diversity team in day long workshops designed to provide insights as to how to do business with Verizon. The workshops will also provide tips on best practices when crafting business plans and insights into industry trends.

For Verizon, diversity and inclusion are cornerstone principles of our business. Last year Verizon invested $4.25 billion with diverse suppliers and nearly $17 billion over the previous three years. This collaboration not only supports local communities by creating good jobs and opportunities for growth, it is also critical to supplying our business with a diverse pipeline of products and services necessary to serve our customers in the highly competitive wireless marketplace.

Magda Yrizarry, Senior Vice President, Talent and Diversity at Verizon, noted: “Verizon is proud to partner with PCIA on this important initiative. Verizon celebrates diversity and inclusion and views it as a business priority that is essential for us to win in today’s competitive marketplace.”

The unparalleled success and growth of the wireless industry is proving once again that diversity and inclusion practices aren’t just good policy, they’re good business.

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