On the heels of Hurricane Florence, Verizon’s network is ready for Hurricane Michael

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Alpharetta, GA – As engineering crews complete the final clean up from Hurricane Florence that ripped through the Carolinas just a few short weeks ago, our teams are simultaneously preparing for Hurricane Michael which is now predicted to be heading up from the Gulf Coast.

“Our network teams are experienced professionals who know how to prepare for major storms and who have shown time and time again they are ready to keep our network up and running when our customers and first responders need us the most,” said David Small, Executive Vice President of Field Operations. “During Hurricane Florence, we deployed 43 portable generators, 15 portable assets to replace or supplement cell service, used 95,000 gallons of fuel to ensure our facilities remained on air when commercial power was down and supported 14 first responder organizations and shelters with additional coverage. And we are ready to do it again to ensure our customers can stay connected,” said Small.

During Hurricane Florence, we moved many portable assets from other areas of the nation into the Carolinas. Those assets have since been reassigned and staged throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina in anticipation of Hurricane Michael’s arrival. Additional network preparations underway include:

  • Inspecting backup generators, HVAC systems and fiber rings at cell sites and switching centers to keep the network running and customers connected.
  • Pre-arranging fuel deliveries, with tankers poised and in position to quickly respond to hard-hit areas in case commercial power is lost.
  • Staging a fleet of portable emergency equipment that can be deployed quickly to keep customers connected or restore damaged connections as soon as possible.
  • Preparing surveillance drones to help assess and respond to damage after a storm.
  • Communicating details about Verizon’s Public Safety Private Core to support public safety, especially during times of high data traffic.
  • Setting up storm command centers in network facilities that are built to withstand category 5 winds.

We know that reliable communication before, during and after the storm is critical for our customers to reach their loved ones and the resources they need. We prepare year-round to meet that goal.

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