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11.07.2018Inside Verizon

Inside the 2018 Verizon Leadership Forum

By: Verizon Up To Speed
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The Up To Speed team was live tweeting on Monday and Tuesday.

Leadership Grid - Social

The Up To Speed team was tweeting live from the 2018 Verizon Leadership Forum on November 5 & 6. Organization changes will go into effect on January 1, 2019.

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  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @HansVestberg_   2:13 PM - 6 Nov 2018

Ending 2 days of @verizon 2.0, our new strategy and operating model - inspiring and exciting conversations how to continue to transform. @vzuptospeed

@JessRPat - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon @VZUpToSpeed

Thanks for your leadership @HansVestberg_, very excited for @verizon 2.0!

@cutterkane - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon @VZUpToSpeed

Our team in Highlands Ranch is heads down working. The focus is on now. As details emerge about #vz2, I am professionally excited about changes.

@jonas_andersson - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon @VZUpToSpeed

Härligt med svensk energi på bolaget!

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:43 AM - 6 Nov 2018

...and after a standing ovation for a great Leadership Forum, that's a wrap for our live tweeting. Thanks for joining us. Until next time, you're up to speed.

@lapoteete - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Outstanding job keeping us informed. We are ready to build the future with VZW 2.0

@mubinster - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Thank you for bringing us all the action!

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:40 AM - 6 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ wrapping up the Verizon Leadership Forum: “We are moving in a moment of strength. With good leadership, we can take this company from a good company to a fantastic company because we are building tomorrow with the best of today, and that’s Verizon 2.0.”

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:21 AM - 6 Nov 2018

So, what now? @HansVestberg_ and his direct reports are taking questions and talking next steps.

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:06 AM - 6 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ is giving a lesson in leadership that should be a book - probably will one day.
Note from @jergo - I think we’re in really good hands (or should I say, Hans?).

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:05 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"Be curious. Leadership is a profession. Spend time on important stuff." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:52 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"We all show up to work every day to inspire people." - @HansVestberg_ on the role of a leader

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:47 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"I look for people who can do the job, and bring qualities I don’t have. You need diversity of thought in leadership." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:44 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"The pace of change will never again be this slow." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:41 AM - 6 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ is sharing his career and leadership journey over 4 continents and 7 countries.

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:32 AM - 6 Nov 2018

During Marc’s time as Chief Administrative Officer, Verizon has been named one of CEO Magazine’s "Top 20 Companies for Leaders."

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:30 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"We are the ones who are ultimately responsible for inspiring, engaging and empowering our employees." - Marc Reed

@christiba9 - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

We enable the VTeam to do more!

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @vzwtaccetta   10:28 AM - 6 Nov 2018

This conversation led by @RoseStuckeyKirk has me completely motivated. We are doing so much good work to create the communities we all deserve. Our commitment for today and our purpose tomorrow is key to our path forward.


"The pressure that the youth generation will put on corporations to be socially responsible and purposeful will be very real." - @RoseStuckeyKirk

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:26 AM - 6 Nov 2018

“We are on the verge, with the fourth industrial revolution, of doing things that no one has ever done before, so we need to have a much wider lens.” - Marc Reed

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:25 AM - 6 Nov 2018

“As a leader in the business, you’re responsible for developing your team, and the talent that’s going to keep this business successful.” - Marc Reed

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:17 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Chief Administrative Officer Marc Reed is on stage to talk about what our strategy means for leaders.

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:53 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Time for a quick break. Up next, Marc Reed on leadership.

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:41 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"I want us to think about society as a key stakeholder of our business." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:39 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"This is not about philanthropy. This is about our strategy." - @HansVestberg_ on social responsibility.

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:34 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"How do you make social responsibility local? We are doing that through our ongoing focus to address the digital divide." - @RoseStuckeyKirk

Help Close The Digital Divide in America

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:33 AM - 6 Nov 2018

John is talking about how our sustainability priorities are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals... renewable energy, green buildings and water conservation. Learn more about those:

About the Sustainable Development Goals - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:29 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Now John Vazquez is discussing Global Supply Chain. He oversees our Real Estate portfolio and our Sustainability initiatives.

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:24 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"If we’re really going to be a purpose-driven company, it has to be embedded in all of our decisions." - Craig Silliman. Side note: I love that Craig brought his reusable mug on stage. Go @VerizonGreen!

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:23 AM - 6 Nov 2018

@RoseStuckeyKirk has invited Craig Silliman and John Vazquez on stage to continue the discussion. "Policy makers are also consumers and they already have a view of companies before they walk in the door." - Craig Silliman

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:19 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"The pressure that the youth generation will put on corporations to be socially responsible and purposeful will be very real." - @RoseStuckeyKirk

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:15 AM - 6 Nov 2018

An interesting stat: 63% of consumers refuse to buy products and services from companies they don’t trust.

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:14 AM - 6 Nov 2018

@RoseStuckeyKirk is talking about responsible business strategy. To her that means purposefully operating at the intersection of economic, environmental and societal accountability.

Leadership Meeting

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:03 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"We innovate to enable people to do amazing things. We’re on a journey to change the world. And our brand will lead the way." - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:02 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Diego’s talking about how we need to show up as one brand for our customers - we need to act as one brand.

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @ChloHealy   8:59 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Starting the VZ Leaders Forum Day2 talking about what matters most - Customers. #trust #innovation #quality #reliability #positivechange #inspired

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:55 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"Innovation is our proven ability to take what’s next and make it work in ways that are meaningful and transformational to our customers." - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:53 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"Trust is our relentless commitment to quality and reliability, giving customers the confidence we’ll always do the right thing." - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:50 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"Customers know what they want, and our job is to translate everything we do into experiences that they want." - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:48 AM - 6 Nov 2018

"We want to be perceived as an innovation leader - famous for the quality of the experience with social responsibility at its core." - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:47 AM - 6 Nov 2018

While everyone is promising the future...Verizon is delivering. If we do this, people, businesses, and society will innovate and drive positive change. - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:45 AM - 6 Nov 2018

@diegoscotti putting emphasis on the character of the brand. “The brand is the contract we have with our customers.”

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:43 AM - 6 Nov 2018

“We’re positioning our business for the future-- We’re evolving the brand.” - @diegoscotti

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:40 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Up now, Chief Marketing Officer @diegoscotti talking about the Verizon brand.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:37 AM - 6 Nov 2018

…And we’re off and running.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:25 AM - 6 Nov 2018

We’ve got just about 5 minutes before day 2 of the Verizon Leadership Meeting kicks off. Hans will kick it off, then on the agenda today - @diegoscotti, @rosestuckeykirk, John Vazquez, Craig Silliman and Marc Reed.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:14 AM - 6 Nov 2018

This crew is back at it for Day 2. Getting things rolling here in a few minutes.

  @VZUpToSpeed   7:43 AM - 6 Nov 2018

Getting ready for another busy day at the Verizon Leadership Forum. Follow us here for an inside view.

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:03 PM - 5 Nov 2018

That’s a wrap for today from the Verizon Leadership Forum. From the room, there’s a sense of energy coming from our leaders -- that’s a good thing. Check in with us tomorrow for day 2.

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:02 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"I think the balance we need to keep as leaders is to execute on what we have, and be excited about what’s coming." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:58 PM - 5 Nov 2018

And...we're back. Check out some more news coverage from today's announcement from @business

Verizon Chief Hans Vestberg Restructures Around Three Businesses

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:17 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Taking a quick break. We did some interviews earlier today – getting a look to see what you’ll see in tomorrow’s Up To Speed. Back in a bit!

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:59 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Webcast is a wrap. Thanks for tuning in. More tweets from the Leadership Forum shortly.

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:58 PM - 5 Nov 2018

One thing I’ve noticed today is how transparent Hans is. This is a recap of everything discussed this morning with his leadership team. Key is closing out the quarter strong. #insideverizon tweet by: @jergo

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:57 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"Employees are a key stakeholder in the success of our company." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:53 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"I can’t tell you how important and game changing IT (correction, I mean Global Technology Solutions) can be moving forward." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:52 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"We want to personalize, we want to digitize so IT (now called Global Technology Solutions) will be even more important." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:46 P - 5 Nov 2018

"We are already doing a lot of things when it comes to being a socially responsible company. We’ll continue to do those things. It’s important that we highlight those things. And it’s not one person’s responsibility - it’s the whole company." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:42 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Time for your questions. @HansVestberg_ is taking them now. Visit (event code: Verizon) to ask what’s on your mind.

Slido - Audience Interaction Made Easy

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:40 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Inside fact: We have a theme song for Kyle Malady and one day we’re going to let him know about it.

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:40 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"There’s a lot of talent around the business. We need to get everyone together to collaborate so that we can build tomorrow with the best of today." - Kyle Malady

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:39 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Global Network & Technology leader Kyle Malady takes the stage. "We need the best networks, the best systems to get our jobs done internally and externally at the best cost."

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:36 PM - 5 Nov 2018

“We always start with consumers.” - Guru talking about the Media Group that covers Sports, Finance, Entertainment, News, Comms, Home.

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:35 PM - 5 Nov 2018

“We need to invest in people, grow them and go on a career journey with them.” - @gurugk

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:33 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Verizon Media Group/Oath leader @gurugk is on stage now.

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:27 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"Customers don’t buy technology, they buy experiences. We’re going to be in the experience business - building experiences that customers truly value." - @RonanDunneVZW

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:25 PM - 5 Nov 2018

@RonanDunneVZW is up talking about the Verizon Consumer Group that he'll lead. "We’re going to be customer obsessed and we’ll bring the best of our expertise. We have an organization that has already famously rewritten the rules (think Fios, 4G LTE)."

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:23 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"If there’s a debate, always answer through the lens of the customer." - @TamiErwinVZ, quoting @gurugk

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:21 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"How do we rally around the customer and simplify the business in ways we haven’t thought of? The moment is right to really drive this business." - @TamiErwinVZ

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:18 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"We have the opportunity to take this company from great to fantastic. We can take a look at the competitive landscape, and develop a strategy that disrupts the industry and better serves our customers." - @TamiErwinVZ

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:17 PM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ introduces @TamiErwinVZ to talk about Verizon Business Group.

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:14 PM - 5 Nov 2018

“How we preserve, strengthen and transform the company is the building block of Verizon 2.0 and all of us have to be part of that journey.” - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:13 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"It doesn’t matter what type of customer it is - small business, consumer, enterprise, media - all of them need personalized and digitized experiences." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:07 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"When you think about what Verizon is all about, we are delivering the promise of the digital world by enabling people, businesses and society to innovate and drive positive change." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:05 PM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ and the team will be taking questions later in the webcast. Head to (event code: Verizon) to ask yours.

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:02 PM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ is introducing Verizon 2.0 with the leadership team during the V Team Webcast. Building tomorrow with the best today.

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:59 PM - 5 Nov 2018

It’s go time. @HansVestberg_ is going to share with the V Team what he’s been talking to the leaders about today.

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:50 PM - 5 Nov 2018

10 minutes until the V Team Webcast. Here’s a little hint at something we heard a lot about this morning that you’ll hear in the webcast. Can you guess?

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:48 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Lunch time. Be sure to join us for the V Team Webcast at 2pm ET/11am PT. Tell your friends to give us a follow.

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:44 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"Our internal transformation cannot get in the way of how we serve our customers. We need to finish the quarter strong." - @TamiErwinVZ

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:37 PM - 5 Nov 2018

“I’m a big admirer of these four people.” - Hans now leading a Q&A session.

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:31 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Kyle with a big challenge for our engineers - make things simpler.

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @vzwtaccetta   12:24 PM - 5 Nov 2018

This quote from @gurugk is my nomination for the next line we need in our Credo. Our differentiation will always be that we have the best people in the business!


“Products may come and go, products may evolve, but people are the backbone to everything we do.” - @gurugk

Leadership Grid - Social

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:26 PM - 5 Nov 2018

"How do we set up systems and processes so that people can increase their knowledge of technologies, and take it back and apply it so we can be a better business?" - Kyle Malady talking about Global Network and Technology.

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:19 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Kyle's talking dongles. BTW who remembers dongles?

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:17 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Kyle keeping it simple… “We need to have the best networks. The best systems. The best cost. End of story."

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:16 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Kyle is up now. He started his career in 1989 with NYNEX Mobile Communications. He knows the network from the ground up.

@HansVestberg_ named Kyle Malady as the head of the company’s new Global Network & Technology organization, the unit in charge of building out Verizon’s #5G network. … $VZ

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:07 PM - 5 Nov 2018

Fun fact: @gurugk says he’d want Tommy Wiseau to play him in a biopic and that his childhood dream job was a Formula 1 race car driver.

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:04 PM - 5 Nov 2018

“Products may come and go, products may evolve, but people are the backbone to everything we do.” - @gurugk

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:55 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@RonanDunneVZW wraps with this: “We’re not writing the first chapter of the book. We’re writing an epic.”

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:49 AM - 5 Nov 2018

"It’s about the network, and the experiences we deliver on behalf of our customers." - @RonanDunneVZW

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:45 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“We want to rewrite the rules of the industry, and play on behalf of the customer.” @RonanDunneVZW on bringing all the consumer groups together.

@tina_braley - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed @RonanDunneVZW


  @VZUpToSpeed   11:43 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Best quote we've heard from @RonanDunneVZW... “I didn’t come here to polish somebody else's trophies.”

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:42 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“When I joined the team two years ago, I came to join a team that aspired to be great.” - @RonanDunneVZW

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:41 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“I would like fewer PowerPoints, more conversation and more time with our customers. Let’s create new norms for how work gets done. The time is now to be business ready.” - @TamiErwinVZ

@HendricksKelly - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed @TamiErwinVZ


@HMcSween - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed @TamiErwinVZ

Yay for fewer PowerPoints!

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:40 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@RonanDunneVZW will lead the Verizon Consumer Group - that’s Wireless, Wireline (including Fios) and Consumer Products.

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:39 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Fun fact: Now a direct report of the CEO, @TamiErwinVZ started her career as a Wireless Customer Service Rep. #fearless

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:37 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Tami refers to @candidGJF as The Godfather of Enterprise Sales. He’s been known to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:35 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Hey V Team. @TamiErwinVZ speaking about how to make sure our teams have the ability, empowerment, and accountability to do the right thing. It’s all part of the strategy.

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:31 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“Customers trust us. They trust their business with us. When we say we’re going to do it, we do it.” - @TamiErwinVZ

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:29 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@TamiErwinVZ will lead the Verizon Business Group – bringing the teams that serve business customers together. Learn more at the V Team webcast at 2pm ET/11am PT.

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:25 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Thunderous applause for Verizon Business Group leader @TamiErwinVZ as she takes the stage. She says "Now is the time to be really disruptive in this space."

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:23 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Up next, group leaders @TamiErwinVZ, @RonanDunneVZW, @gurugk and Kyle Malady talk about their organizations, objectives, challenges and opportunities.

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:02 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Heading into a quick break. We'll leave you with this...“We are not just playing to play, we are playing to win.” - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:55 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“Everyone on the V Team should be able to understand how they fit into our strategy and how they make a difference.” - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:38 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“When it comes to being a socially responsible company, shareholders are demanding this of us, that's the type of company our employees want to work for, and it’s what our customers have come to expect from us.” - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:34 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“We aspire to create value, serve customers, inspire employees and do more good." - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:29 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Fun fact: @QureshiVz is fluent in English and French. Get to know her in 60 seconds:

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:16 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“While we are looking at growing the business, we need to look at how we transform the business and make big choices around how we do the work.” Matt Ellis

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:13 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ started the day talking to media about today’s announcement. Check out articles from the @WSJ and @Reuters. &

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:06 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Matt’s LinkedIn bio ends with a great little quote - “The future holds many more exciting opportunities, problems to be solved and goals to beat. Let's get started!”

Matt Ellis - EVP & Chief Financial Officer - Verizon | LinkedIn

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:58 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Matt Ellis delivering the value creation (finance) portion of the day. He had this to say, “we have a great team, but we always have to be strengthening that team and the diversity of that team.”

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:30 AM - 5 Nov 2018

This group needs a coffee break. And that’s exactly what they’re getting - back in a bit.

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:27 AM - 5 Nov 2018

"Traditionally, telcos are good at delivering what they are good at, which is the connectivity side. We need to take the rose-colored glasses and blinders off and ask the tough questions. Where can we compete and who will we be competing against?" - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:08 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“It’s not enough to say you have your strategy on a slide. You’ve got to make it real.” - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:04 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“We are looking at transforming Verizon from a great company to a fantastic company. To do that, we have to be open about the challenges and what it takes to get there. As the industry around us changes, we need to make the changes to get us to Verizon 2.0.” - @QureshiVz

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @TamiErwinVZ   8:56 AM - 5 Nov 2018

We’re building tomorrow with the best of today. #preserve #strengthen #transform

@dsacco5979 - Replying to @TamiErwinVZ

Congratulations on the new job. Cisco is looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Verizon to bring our joint business customers world class solutions.

@iancwilliams33 - Replying to @TamiErwinVZ

More proud and excited than ever to be part of the business team at Verizon. Alaska B2B is ready!

@JenGroveSimmons - Replying to @TamiErwinVZ

Congratulations Tami!!!!! Love how you continuously blaze a trail and lead the way!!!

@imjuststanjr - Replying to @TamiErwinVZ

Excited about the changes and the future of Verizon

@Clacks4BJNN - Replying to @TamiErwinVZ

Congratulations Tami and Welcome back. Excited for the change and challenges

@RogerAch - Replying to @TamiErwinVZ

Terrific news, Tami !

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:58 AM - 5 Nov 2018

BAM! Sums it all up. “We cannot lose sight of what our customers expect from us on a daily basis.” - @QureshiVz

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:55 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Chief Strategy Officer @QureshiVz talks how strategy relates to new structure. Rima joined Verizon just about 1 year ago. Get to know her.




  @VZUpToSpeed   8:53 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“Our IT strategy needs to be flexible to deliver on Verizon 2.0. It's about a new way of working.” - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:51 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ : “In Verizon 2.0, we will do connectivity in all cases; and we will do platforms and applications where it makes sense - both on our own and through co-development with others.”

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:39 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ delivered his vision, strategy and new structure. Time for a little Q & A.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:36 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Our new operating structure will take effect on January 1, 2019. In the meantime, @HansVestberg_ says our short term focus is to finish the year strong.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:31 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Hans announces new operating model to support his Verizon 2.0 strategy - Verizon Consumer Group, Verizon Business Group, Verizon Media Group/Oath and they are all supported by our Intelligent Edge Network.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:27 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Laughs and applause when @HansVestberg_ shows new Operating Model and announces he will remain CEO. LOL.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:27 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“We need to align to our customers’ needs. Our customers need to feel that we are serving them everyday.” - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:23 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Yes! And now social responsibility, too! Our values.

@kerrymcondon - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Integrity. Respect. Accountability. Performance Excellence.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:21 AM - 5 Nov 2018

A few giggles in the room as Hans shows a slide with a whole lot going on. It’s about our Network-as-a-Service. More to come on that.

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:18 AM - 5 Nov 2018

We’ve got a new value. Social Responsibility is now part of what we stand for. Can you name the other four?

@MattCDavis - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Integrity. Respect. Performance Excellence. Accountability. Being Awesome!

@kerrymcondon - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Integrity. Respect. Accountability. Performance Excellence.

@missnoreen - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Performance Excellence, and Corporate Social Responsibility

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:15 AM - 5 Nov 2018

"It’s my privilege to lead this team, guided by a shared purpose: Deliver the promise of the digital world by enabling people, businesses and society to innovate and drive positive change." - @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:09 AM - 5 Nov 2018

“Verizon 2.0 - We’re building tomorrow with the best of today. Preserve. Strengthen. Transform.” @HansVestberg_

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:04 AM - 5 Nov 2018

@HansVestberg_ kicks it off. "I’ve been thinking a lot about how to continue the journey of Verizon. It's difficult to make a great company even greater. I’ve decided we’re going from great to fantastic."

  @VZUpToSpeed   7:56 AM - 5 Nov 2018

We’ve got a packed house here. @HansVestberg_ will take the stage shortly.

  @VZUpToSpeed   7:41 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Room is set. Crew is finishing up final adjustments. 20 minutes to go until the start of the Verizon Leadership Forum.

  @VZUpToSpeed   7:30 AM - 5 Nov 2018

It’s 7:30 and @jergo has already had three handfuls of these cherry bomb candies (they are the bomb BTW). Sugar rush = ready for a big day.

@cschamz - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed @jergo

Yum! How about some Mountain Dew to go along with that, @jergo


Mt Dew is @UTSKatie's jam.


It's mine too, @UTSKatie!


I knew we were kindred spirits, @cschamz

@MikeMurphyPR - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed @jergo

Mike Mason is going to have to set up a perimeter around the snack table.

@JenGroveSimmons - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed @jergo

@jergo's favorite bean is a jelly bean


true! they're so good!

  @VZUpToSpeed   7:15 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Hey V Team, we’re coming to you live from the Verizon Leadership Forum. We’ll be tweeting all day long.

@LillyLuca - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Good luck today you guys!

@MattCDavis - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

What a great team!! Go VZ!

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @HansVestberg_   7:03 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Today I am pleased to announce the next generation of @Verizon leadership, led by @RonanDunneVZW, @TamiErwinVz, and @GuruGK to continue our unrivaled technological innovation. We don't wait for the future, and this team is building it!

@dariuszpaczuski - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

#oneteam #onedream

@cola_green - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

Congratulations @RonanDunneVZW well deserved!


Thank you Nicola

@scottymohead - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

Strong team right there. Future is bright.

@gerryife - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

Congrats all

@TheIoTGuy - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

Building the future, it's what we do every day, exciting times indeed @VZEnterprise @VZWNow @verizon #5G #IoT #SDWAN

@ninasbib - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

Massive congratulations to @RonanDunneVZW

@DelfinAlmonte - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon


@vfiorese_ - Replying to @HansVestberg_ @verizon

Let's see how they participte and behave on this platform!

  @VZUpToSpeed   7:01 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Rise and shine V Team. Be sure to check your inbox for a note from @HansVestberg_ this morning.

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @DonnaLyden   5:54 AM - 5 Nov 2018

Day 1 of our Leadership Forum and the room is ready @VZUpToSpeed

@ChannelMktMC - Replying to @DonnaLyden @VZUpToSpeed

Looking good! Good Luck!

@VZUpToSpeed - Replying to @DonnaLyden

Looking good!

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