McAdam: 'Never Cut Corners. Integrity Is Everything.'

Lowell McAdam | If I Were 22

In his latest LinkedIn post, Lowell McAdam reflects on his early twenties, sharing what he learned and what he would have done differently. In the post -- part of an editorial series entitled “If I Were 22,” which encourages leaders and top influencers to share lessons from their youth -- McAdam offers three pieces of simple, yet significant advice:

  • Integrity is everything.
  • Trust your gut and act.
  • You always have a higher gear.

McAdam’s personal reflections – from his six years in the Navy to his role in forming Verizon Wireless in 2000 – are both insightful and inspiring.

And he offers this encouragement to people beginning their careers: “If you’re 22 years old today, remember that your career is a very long ride.  You won’t be able to plot the path to success – but if you hold true to the three principles above throughout your journey, I think you’ll be in a great position to be ahead of the game at any age.”

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