Retailers unite behind A Call For Kindness this holiday season

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Verizon is joined by Capital One, its independent agent partners and The Antidote documentary in #ACallForKindness campaign

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NEW YORK - In a truly unprecedented year, retail industry workers have demonstrated a heightened sense of service and commitment to families, communities and businesses. At the same time the retail experience has been unlike any other. Plastic partitions, face coverings and other protocols in place keep customers and employees safe, but have removed some of the human element. So today, Verizon in partnership with Capital One, Cellular Sales, GoWireless, Russell Cellular, TCC, Victra, Wireless Zone and The Antidote documentary are launching ”A Call for Kindness” - to shine a spotlight on the dedicated people that continue to serve the community’s needs and remind everyone that while a mask may cover our faces, underneath we’re still smiling and are all human.

Employees in our stores, on the phone, and in the field are someone’s mother, father, grandparent, sibling, partner and friend. Through this campaign we are re-committing to our customers that we’ll treat them like we do our own families and friends and we ask they do the same in return.

“Our employees are our family. And while a mask covers their face, there is a caring person behind each one,” said Krista Bourne, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations at Verizon. “Kindness holds the power to bring us together and helps us remember that we are more the same than different. Through these shared human experiences and connections, we will lift each other up in a time where a little kindness goes a long way. And together with our partners we hope to spread this feeling far and wide.”

Verizon is joined in the campaign by a growing list of organizations nationally including: Capital One, Cellular Sales, GoWireless, Russell Cellular, TCC, Victra, Wireless Zone and The Antidote documentary which debuts tomorrow on Amazon Prime.

In addition to joining forces with fellow retailers, Verizon is asking front line workers to get involved with the campaign by sharing who they are behind their mask using #ACallForKindness.

More information including videos profiling our employees, the full list of participating retailers, and resources for companies interested in joining A Call For Kindness is at Individuals can get involved in spreading kindness by using the hashtag #ACallForKindness or by downloading and sharing Kind Cards from the site.

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