U.S. winter storms update.

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On a special breaking news edition of Up To Speed, Diana Alvear shared an update on our response to the devastating storms impacting much of the country.


In the Houston area, despite continued widespread commercial power outages, Verizon's network is continuing to perform well. Our network engineers plan year round for all types of disasters and we’ve invested in battery backup and backup generators to ensure that if commercial power is lost, our customers stay connected.

Our backup generators and redundant fiber rings for cell sites and switching centers are serving their intended purpose and keeping the majority of the network in the impacted area running, keeping our customers and first responders connected. Power outages are causing service interruptions for some scattered cell sites throughout the area. The majority of Verizon customers should expect minimal service interruptions thanks to overlapping coverage - that is, service from nearby cell sites.

For the sites that are impacted throughout Dallas and Houston, including a cluster of sites north west of Woodlands and south east of downtown Houston, our engineers and vendor partners are deploying as soon as roads are safely passable to begin repairing generators or rolling in portable generators until commercial power is restored.

The network has capacity to handle usage spikes in most cases, including weather related increases, especially now that capacity has been built out for work from home over the past year. We monitor every cell site every hour and will make adjustments to provide the best customer experience.

Our retail stores in affected areas are closed. To our V Teamers there, please know we’re thinking of you and responding to your needs.

Tornado in Brunswick County, NC

The Verizon Response Team is also currently deployed in North Carolina responding to the tornado that hit last night impacting coastal communities in Brunswick County, North Carolina. We are also monitoring the aftermath of a tornado in Georgia.

We’re also responding to weather-related issues in Kentucky and West Virginia.

If you’re in one of the affected areas, a few things to keep in mind. Your phones and devices will work more slowly and lose battery more quickly in the cold. Try to keep them fully charged and download apps that can help in case of emergency. For example, keep an eye on the Red Cross site or local government apps to keep you notified.

Our hearts are with everyone affected by these disasters.

Storm-related assistance

For our consumer and small business customers most impacted by this week’s severe winter weather beginning February 16 through February 20 Verizon is providing unlimited calling, texting and data to those who reside in the following counties:

North Carolina: Brunswick
Kentucky: Carter, Elliott, Lawrence
Texas: Austin, Brazoria, Calhoun, Galveston, Kinney, Llano, Mason, Throckmorton, Waller, Wharton
West Virginia: Wayne

For all of the latest details, please visit our Emergency Resource Center.

VtoV Employee Relief Fund

For V Teamers who are impacted, the VtoV Employee Relief Fund is there to help. Give today to support V Teamers displaced by the storms and other natural disasters. For more information, please visit the VtoV page.

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