Guess who’s at the office.

By: Raquel Wilson
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Leaders take on new roles. Plus, a V Teamer profile you have to check out.

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Happy Friday! On today’s final Up To Speed of the week, host Raquel Wilson shares exciting updates that V Teamers can look forward to ahead of our Work Forward activations.

We have a lot of exciting changes at our locations and hubs all around the globe! Here are a few things you can expect.

As much as we’re sure you’ve enjoyed your at-home workouts, there’s nothing quite like breaking a sweat in a state-of-the-art gym. We’re excited to announce that disco balls have been installed at some of our locations with gyms to make all your workouts feel like a party! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to work out under a disco ball?

Now, some great news for V Teamers who own pets. We all know how expensive a trip to the groomers can be, so now, you can cross that worry off your list. If your furry friend needs a fresh blowout, we’re happy to announce that pet spas have been added to a few of our locations! It’s the best of both worlds: your pet can relax while you work and you can save some cash too!

We’d like to give a shoutout to our Real Estate and Facilities Team which has done a great job improving so many of our workplaces around the globe. From planting flowers and trees to adding pools and jacuzzis, it truly makes the workplace feel like home!

But new gym updates, pet spas and jacuzzis aren’t the only changes you can look forward to, our leaders have taken on a lot of new roles too. In fact, our CEO Hans Vestberg has been moonlighting as a barista. Come Monday, he’ll be serving coffee at the Starbucks in Basking Ridge, so make sure you get your orders in and say hello.

And at lunchtime, there’s another surprise in store. You’ll now find Chief Human Resources Officer Sam Hammock making pizzas in our Foods hall. Shoutout to the Human Resources team for always looking out for us V Teamers, and in this case, for our bellies!

As you can see, there are lots of great things in store.

Moving on to our featured story of the week, producer Jess Bonardi had the pleasure of speaking with perhaps our best-known and most beloved member of the Verizon family.

Those are all the updates, for now, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday. And by the way, Happy April Fools' Day!

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About the author:

Raquel Wilson is a former adfellow who now enjoys keeping the V Team up to date on all things Verizon as a host of Up To Speed. You can always rely on her to have a good book recommendation and a latte she probably paid way too much for.

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