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By: Diana Alvear

Miami culture, cafecito and calling to Cuba.

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Get ready, V Team! On today’s edition of Up To Speed, host Diana Alvear is taking us to Miami to share some big news!

As you may know, Verizon’s Global Choice plan gives customers 180 calling minutes every month to a country of their choice, plus discounted calling to more than 220 other countries. We’re excited to announce we’ve added new countries, including Cuba, to this plan. It’s big news, especially in Miami, home to a large Cuban-American community.

Adi Wineland, a member of our communications team, spoke with retail V Teamers – including specialist Joseph Wislloughby – at one of our South Beach locations to find out what this news means to customers.

“My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is Cuban,” Joseph said. “We have lots of family in Cuba. Verizon adding Cuba to Global Choice is going to be a wonderful opportunity for not only my friends and my family, but for our customers to also stay in touch with their families during these times.”

We also met Merdochey LaFrance, a Verizon local engagement manager and Miami native who creates strategic, hyperlocal partnerships with nonprofits to solve community challenges. One such partnership with The Idea Center at Miami-Dade College will give entrepreneurs the tools to help entrepreneurs from all backgrounds receive the support and resources they need to succeed.

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About the author(s):

Diana Alvear is new to the V Team family. In her previous life, she was a network correspondent and local anchor. These days, she juggles crafting communications with chasing kids and pets.

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