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02.13.2019Inside Verizon

Want to find your 100%?

By: Verizon Up To Speed

We run to a crisis, raise money and awareness for a great cause and can even analyze your Netflix DNA.

Up To Speed 2-13 Video

When it comes to emergencies, we are always among the first to run to a crisis. So we launched an Emergency Resource Center Hub, a site that provides updates on our response to everything from wildfires to earthquakes to hurricanes. This way, news media, local officials and employees can find out what they want to know about our efforts.

And, we all have our favorite Netflix shows, but what do they say about your personality? Fios can help you find out. In a new social quiz, select your top three (or more) Netflix shows, and you’ll see what they say about you. Then, you can share your results on Facebook.

From the start of “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here” campaign through Friday, February 8, Verizon encouraged everyone to share the stories of the players and heroic first responders featured in the campaign on social media. For every share, Verizon pledged to make a donation to First Responders Outreach, part of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Retired four-star General Robin Rand, CEO of the Foundation, stopped by the other day with a special message for the V Team.

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