No cashier. No problem.

By: Raquel Wilson
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

The technology behind our new 5G Edge cashierless check-out store and how it will help you save time.

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On today’s edition of Up To Speed we shared everything you need to know about the newly constructed Autonomous Express Shop in our Basking Ridge, NJ office.

What makes this store unique isn’t just the variety of drinks, snacks and Verizon-branded merchandise available for purchase, it’s the way you pay for the items you want.

In order to purchase items from the store, you can scan a QR code to download the “FoodsGo” app to your smartphone and add a payment method, then, thanks to our 5G Edge Cashierless Checkout technology – all you have to do is walk through the store, grab what you want, and you will be automatically charged for each item.

We spoke with product manager Sharine Ali who explained more about the technology that makes this possible and where you might find this solution in the world. She noted that the store was built to showcase firsthand how our technology impacts real life use cases as well as to demonstrate our 5G MEC capabilities.

She explained that the Cashierless Checkout solution delivers autonomous checkout and inventory management capabilities by leveraging 5G Edge as well as computer vision & AI.

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About the author:

Raquel Wilson is a former adfellow who now enjoys keeping the V Team up to date on all things Verizon as a host of Up To Speed. You can always rely on her to have a good book recommendation and a latte she probably paid way too much for.

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