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5G Ultra Wideband is now live for more than 90M additional customers in parts of 1,700 cities. Plus, introducing our 5G Ultra Challenge.

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On today’s special edition of Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear welcomed CEO Hans Vestberg and Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady as we officially kicked off 5G Ultra Wideband. That means we’re supercharging our network in so many more places to deliver the best experience for our customers.

With today’s launch, people in parts of 1,700 cities will be able to access Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. Now, more than 20 million households have access to game-changing home wireless broadband in more than 900 cities across the country, and more than 2 million businesses are covered with 5G Business Internet service.

As Hans reiterated again today, he sees 2022 as the most important year in Verizon’s history. “And this is one of those historic days when you think about how quickly we’ve done it,” said Hans. “And also, now we have a network that has low latency, MEC, and everything else that brings things like the metaverse straight into our wheelhouse.”

Customers can choose from our new 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited plans for your phone — 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and our best plan ever, 5G Get More — to get speeds up to 10x faster than what they have now at the same price as today’s plans. And, customers can get 5G Home Internet for 50% off with one of our new 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited plans.

5G Ultra Wideband is also available for business with 5G Business Unlimited mobile plans — Business Unlimited Plus and Business Unlimited Pro — and multiple plans for fixed-wireless 5G Business Internet from Verizon Business.

Kyle admitted that he couldn’t be any prouder of the entire Verizon team. He even saw a billboard as he drove into New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel this morning already touting Ultra only minutes after it was turned on. “In many ways, the team has run a marathon to get us to the starting line,” said Kyle.

Hans proclaimed today to be the start of a new year with a new goal. “We now have to work at letting customers know about all that they can do with this new network. It’s so important. We need to rally the whole company. We are all ambassadors.”

Speaking of which, look below for details on our 5G Ultra Challenge to see you can get involved and win.

Live speed tests

Communications Director Steve Van Dinter was in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was getting speeds of 400-500 MBs/second while live on the air. You can’t get more Ultra proof than that. Steve went back in the store to talk with V teamers and customers excited about our Ultra 5G Network, 5G Home and 5G Business Internet.

5G Ultra wireless plans

Speaking of plans, do you need one to go with your new 5G phone? We’ve got you covered. Communications Manager Andrew Testa shared the details on all that you get with 5G Get More:

  • 5G Ultra Wideband
  • Unlimited premium data (smartphone data)
  • 50 GB of premium mobile hotspot data
  • International Travel Pass
  • Up to 6 entertainment services
  • 50% off 5G Home internet

To check out all of our plans, head here or to your local Verizon store.

5G Ultra Home plans

Want to enjoy more speed at home? Check out all that you get with 5G Home and 5G Home Plus:

  • No premium contracts
  • No extra fees
  • No data overages
  • No equipment charges

The price is the price. Guaranteed. So you’ll get no surprises or price creep. Go to and plug in your address to see all available plans. You can set it up on your own time. No need for a technician!

5G Ultra Business

Starting today, any business can now enjoy all the benefits of going Ultra. When it comes to Business Unlimited Plus you get:

  • Increased premium network access
  • Mobile security features
  • Our best price ever

Or choose our Business Unlimited Pro plan which offers:

  • Unlimited premium data
  • 100 GB of mobile hotspot data
  • Option to save up to 80/month when paired with select Business Internet Plans

And our 5G Business Internet is a fast and reliable option to cable internet for businesses of all sizes. It offers:

  • Unlimited data
  • Guaranteed price for ten years with no long term contracts

Head here to learn more.

5G Ultra Challenge

Are you wishing you could get more involved? You can! Any Verizon employee can send in a video showing a creative way to pitch 5G Ultra Wideband to anyone — your mom, your friend, uncle, barista, you name it. And if your video is selected, you could be crowned the 5G Ultra Challenge champion and receive some ultra-sweet prizes.

First, the rules: There aren’t many. Keep it clean and tell your message however you see fit. Sing it, dance it, use a white board, surf board, everything is in bounds. Focus on what you think is most exciting: the enhanced network, the new plans, expanded 5G Home and Business - whatever you think will get people most excited about Ultra in an ultra special way. We have plenty of assets to help you too, like the Reasons to Believe that we’ve been sharing all month, and a special George Talks Tech ‘5G 101’ coming tomorrow.

V Teamers will face off in three rounds and the entire V Team will vote on submissions until a grand prize champion is crowned the Ultra 5G Champion. We’ll be taking submissions for the next few weeks before the V Team gets voting.

Videos can be submitted starting now. If you’re uploading from a personal device, please drop your video at this link. If you’re using a Verizon device, please use this link. Note: Please label your video submission with your name and business group. Plus, we’ve got a great resource page on VZWeb with all of our 5G Ultra info.

So what are you waiting for? Step up to the 5G Ultra Challenge and you just might win!

Aviation/5G news

Hans noted the recent headlines by saying: “There’s been a lot in the press about airline safety and 5G. For us, safety is of the utmost importance so we voluntarily decided yesterday to not turn on Ultra Wideband near airports, despite the fact that this is already fully operational in 40 other countries. It’s not a tech issue. It’s a process issue. But the real headline here is that America is going Ultra.”

Ultra t-shirts

Did you see the cool, new ‘Ultra!!!!’ t-shirts that Diana and Steve were sporting today? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get one of those? You can! Just head on over to our Brand Shop to purchase your own. A part of the proceeds will benefit the VtoV Employee Relief Fund.

If you have any questions, email them to

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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