SoFi so fast.

We take a look at how 5G UW will transform the fan experience at the biggest game of the year.

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On today’s edition of Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear shared the following updates.

SoFi so cool

After the dramatic playoff games this past weekend, excitement couldn’t be higher for Super Bowl LVI. It will be a memorable year with the hometown Rams playing in their home SoFi Stadium, but even more so because Verizon has equipped the venue with 5G Ultra Wideband, offering fans, press and coaches amazing speeds and connectivity.

If you have a friend going to the game, and they bring a 5G device, you’re going to feel like you’re at the big game too.

“In November of 2016, my staff and I came out here when it was just dirt,” recalled Device Technology and Sports Innovation leader Brian Mecum, standing in SoFi Stadium. “We knew we wanted to make this a telecommunications powerhouse for connectivity and usage. Verizon engineers and performance people have worked very hard to make sure every nook and cranny has the coverage it needs. People will be able to share anything and everything, especially at halftime.”

Connecting crowds goes Ultra

“SoFi Stadium has the most 5G of any stadium in the US,” said Jason Giggles, Network Performance Engineer. “It’s definitely a cutting edge experience.”

That’s why Verizon Business Group CEO Tami Erwin is calling this game “Super Bowl 5G” and pointed out that 5G UW is built for crowds. “Tens of thousands of fans can post, stream and interact with incredible upload and download speeds.”

There is no better place to show the world the power of our 5G UW network than the biggest sporting event of the year. “It’s part of our ten-year partnership with the NFL to transform the fan experience,” said Tami. “SoFi is just one example of where 5G UW will create a better experience for customers and businesses alike.”

Diana was joined by Marta Tenold LaCroix, from the Network Field Engineering team, who had been conducting speed tests at the NFC championship game at SoFi last night. “With all that we’ve built into the stadium, there really is no bottleneck anymore. We don’t have the capacity concerns that we’ve had at stadiums in the past.”

Diana pointed out that all of this infrastructure isn’t going away. It will be there at SoFi for fans and the community to enjoy for years to come. Marta agreed that it includes the Olympics coming to Los Angeles in 2028.

Thanks our network team, Tami and our friends at the Verizon Business Group! The hard work of our teams is truly paying off in ways our customers are already enjoying and the world will soon see.

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