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By: Raquel Wilson

How Crowd Analytics elevates customer experiences.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed, host Raquel Wilson shared the benefits of our Crowd Analytics technology powered by our Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband.

Crowd Analytics uses 5G and Multi-access edge computing (MEC) to analyze crowd density data, and then offers solutions that elevate customer experiences. Think: reduced wait times at stadium concession stands or finding the quickest way through security at a concert venue.

The innovative technology is already in use at our Basking Ridge office to improve the overall V-team experience.

So how exactly does it work? It starts with LIDAR and People sensors. The sensors gather information about the movement of crowds and share that information with a computer based analytical software solution. It essentially helps people know how busy a certain location is at any given time.

To learn more about how this data is captured and analyzed, Raquel spoke to Product Development Manager Vinny Caputo.

V Teamers at Basking Ridge can access the Crowd Analytics dashboard from VZ Web,” Vinny said. “They will be able to see real time Crowd Analytics data to determine when is a good time to grab a cup of coffee, stop by the help desk, or swing through the cafeteria.”

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