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By: Raquel Wilson

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Happy Monday, V Team! On today’s episode of Up To Speed live, host Raquel Wilson chatted with Christina Schelling, Senior Vice President of Talent and Diversity, about career development through Verizon’s Talent GPS platform.

When Christina wasn’t breaking down her background (including her time with the CIA) or sharing her love of breaking it down in rap battles with her family, she was talking Talent GPS Phase II, which launched today.

What is Talent GPS?

Verizon developed Talent GPS last year with feedback from VZPulse surveys and other touchpoints. Then and now, we’ve empowered our V Teamers to own and drive their careers; Talent GPS is Verizon's way of providing our V Team with more resource and development opportunities.

The first phase of this multi-year and multi-phase journey began with job architecture – also known as taxonomy – which groups job attributes and ultimately helps identify an employee’s progress and standing, and provides a path to help pursue new growth opportunities.

The launch of Phase II

Today’s launch of Talent GPS Phase II implements a one-stop-shop microsite, a job library to access info about all Verizon roles, as well as a “Your Career Journey” resource, full of new career-exploration tools that offer career support, and empower and inspire employees to build and own their careers at Verizon.

Phase II also offers tools to help V Teamers reflect on career goals, visualize next moves and strategize accordingly. V Teamers can then share the tools with their leaders or other supportive V Teamers ahead of next steps.

V Teamers can access Talent GPS by clicking on the About You tab on VZWeb or by clicking here.

Future plans

Starting later this year, the platform will give employees additional opportunities to learn more about the skills and competencies required for other Verizon roles. From there, we hope to empower employees to build a development plan and own their future at Verizon with new tools that can foster success.

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