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Craig and Sam were live on Up To Speed answering your questions on Work Forward, COVID-19 protocols and more.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear chatted with Chief Human Resources Officer Sam Hammock and Chief Administrative Officer Craig Silliman as they answered Work Forward questions and discussed how we’re activating hybrid plans in the U.S.

Updated COVID-19 mask policy

Earlier this month, we updated Verizon's U.S. mask policy to align with the CDC’s latest recommendations, significantly reducing scenarios in which masks are required in our workplaces, while offering V Teamers the option to wear a mask at work if you choose to do so.

In short, the CDC has designated each U.S. county as having a low, medium or high COVID-19 community level of transmission based on a number of metrics, including hospitalizations, hospital capacity and case numbers. Here’s how they impact mask usage:

High community level

  • If you are working indoors at a Verizon worksite in a county that the CDC designates as "high" community level or in an area where masks are required by local law, you must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

Medium or low community level

  • In a county that the CDC designates as "low" or "medium" community level, masks at a Verizon worksite will be optional unless required by law, and employees can choose whether to wear a mask.

When you certify through Verizon’s Return To Office tool and confirm your work location for the day, it will let you know whether or not a mask is required at your location. That's one reason why every employee must certify through the RTO tool whenever you work outside your home: so you can have the most updated information on mask requirements for your work location.

Sam extended a special thank-you to all V teamers who have been in our stores and out in the field throughout the pandemic keeping our customers connected.

Hybrid V teamers

Here’s a reminder of our timeline for our hybrid work plans in the U.S.:

  • March: V teamers should build back those office muscles, test and learn
  • April: Official activation of hybrid plans

Sam said it’s been great seeing so many people return to worksites this month. “We learned a lot, and are continually making adjustments and finding those moments that matter,” Sam added.

Craig mentioned how the real estate team has been adding hand sanitizer stations, docking stations, and desks with single or double monitors for V teamers to work the way they want to work.

Hybrid V Teamers returning to work locations should remember the following three steps for protocols and procedures:

  1. Reserve workspace via Book-A-Space
  2. Certify through the RTO tool
  3. Check in with Book-A-Space once you arrive on your desktop or phone

Remember to also pack workplace essentials — including chargers, your laptop, and maybe a portable keyboard and mouse — to stay productive and comfortable in the office.

You can also check out more information on returning to your worksite here.


If your workplace situation is the same and your badge is active, your badge should still work. For hybrid employees in the U.S. who are new to Verizon or have changed roles or locations, look for an email from the Verizon Security Team outlining actions to take to ensure your badge allows you to access your building.

Food and fitness facts

Craig explained we’re scaling up services for cafeterias, gyms and other amenities as people return to office locations. Using the reservation tool also helps our food staff and other teams know how many people will be on-site and make adjustments accordingly.

In our stores

Kelley Kurtzman, SVP of Consumer Field Sales, directed V Teamers in our stores to continue to use the Return To Office tool. “It will have the latest information about your location, including whether or not a face covering is required,” Kelley said.

You can also scan the QR code at your worksite to see current mask requirements, if applicable. Also, please wear a mask if a customer requests it. As always, let’s make sure we treat everyone with respect, and continue to live by our Credo.

“I want to take a moment and thank you so much for the hard work you put in day after day,” Kelly added. “We see it and we appreciate you! Let’s all stay safe.”

More in-person business

Aparna Khurjekar, SVP of Business Markets, shared how her team is navigating the hybrid model while still caring for and connecting with customers, no matter where they are. “What have we learned so far? Number 1: People buy from people,” Aparna said. “So, often you have to be in front of that customer to sell.”

We are all learning and adjusting in real-time and will continue to find new ways to improve and grow together. If you have any questions or thoughts on Work Forward, reach out to and share your insights.

Sam and Craig said they’re excited to see everyone at worksites, including V Teamers who are returning for the first time. “We know you are excited about seeing your colleagues as well,” Craig added.

Send us your pics!

Diana ended the show with some photos of happy V teamers reuniting with friends at work, which is a good reminder: We’d love to see your work reunion pics! Whether it’s reconnecting with one good friend or many, please share your pics with us at

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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