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Breaking down all the big news from 2022 Mobile World Congress.

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Did you know Congress is now in session? Not the one in D.C. This is Mobile World Congress 2022 taking place in Barcelona, Spain, where Verizon is making some big news.

Verizon Business Group CEO Tami Erwin gave a keynote speech in which she announced our agreement with BlackRock to outfit their new Manhattan headquarters with a private 5G network. The On Site 5G deployment can replace office WiFi and allows BlackRock to take advantage of workplace-of-the-future applications including virtual enhanced training, AR/VR, enhanced security management and monitoring, and emerging data-centric technologies that require high bandwidth, low latency, and near real-time edge computing.

Tami and SVP of Consumer Device Marketing Brian Higgins shared their first impressions from the convention floor. “Every discussion we’re having is about how do you leverage 5G to make your solutions better for consumers and businesses,” said Brian. “I’m also seeing a lot about the metaverse — what is it that 5G can do to accelerate the metaverse.”

Tami agreed. “Our opportunity is to take all of these big ideas, put them on our network and deliver — not only great solutions — but revenue, revenue, revenue growth in 2022.”

We’re doing so much more at MWC, including exciting customers with our immersive 5G experience, showcasing our Verizon 5G Network, Mobile Edge Compute and Intelligent Software as a solution for customers who want to gain better insight, manage labor costs and run their businesses more efficiently.

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