Entérate con Verizon.

The new video series featuring all things Verizon from a Latinx lens.

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It’s a big day for Verizon as we debut “Enterate con Verizon.”

“Hello everyone, welcome to Entérate, a show dedicated to Latinos,” announced CEO Hans Vestberg. “We will be talking about what's going on in the Hispanic community. Obviously, I want to thank all of the Latino V Teamers who are dedicated to supporting the Latino community and who are doing a fantastic job at Verizon.”

Hans spoke in Spanish, one of four languages he speaks fluently, having previously lived in Argentina and Brazil.

“Clearly, I am almost a Latino,” joked Hans. “No, no quite, but I have a strong connection with Latin America as I lived for a long time there.”

Diana Alvear opened the show explaining that “Entérate con Verizon” is our way of showcasing the best Verizon has to offer to our Hispanic customers, media and V Team community, including all of the cool events, technology and people that make us great.

Hoy Health

One of the ways we are offering our Hispanic customers support is through our Hoy Health partnership. It’s a new partnership that brings the doctor to you wherever you are, no insurance necessary. Here’s how it works:

  • Available to all postpaid Verizon wireless customers
  • Access to discounted, virtual medical consultations on phone or video chat
  • Consultations are only $49 – that’s a 35% savings with your exclusive Verizon discount
  • One month of prescription medication included, if it’s prescribed during your virtual consultation
  • Choice of conducting visit in Spanish or English

Hoy Health CEO Mario Anglada says the inspiration for the company came from his own experiences with healthcare. “We saw that there was a gap that needed to be filled by offering technological solutions and products that allow medical professionals the ability to offer their services remotely, both in Spanish and English, to give this community the care they need.”

And there are even more benefits:

  • 80% off certain medications through the Hoy Health free mobile app
  • Discounted management kits for chronic conditions
  • An additional 10% discount on select medications for your family in the U.S. and even select countries in Latin America

You get all of this and no insurance is necessary. It’s a game changer for telehealth and for Hoy Health. “By partnering with Verizon, we’re leveraging one of the most powerful networks in the United States,” said Mario.

It’s easy to get started. Check out www.verizon.com/hoyhealth. We also created a video that explains how to get set up.

Tech tips from the front line

We checked in with our amazing solution specialists who take such good care of our customers. We’re excited to present a new segment featuring our awesome V Team tech experts and their Tips From La Tienda. This week, we’re hearing from Chris Estrada-Ballesteros out of Lady Lake, FL, and his favorite new things.

“I’m loving the Galaxy S21 for many reasons,” said Chris. “First let’s talk about the camera. They really leaned into the camera bump this year while flexing three incredible cameras on the back. Main, ultrawide, and a 3x telephoto.”

Chris explained that the S21 also has a 4000 mah battery which should last all day. “Of course, that will vary per person, but the common user will get the whole day out of it. Don’t you worry, you won’t miss any WhatsApp messages from your family group chat.”

Chris pointed out that you get all of that and by shopping at Verizon, you get it at a tremendous price.

Galaxy Buds Pro

Chris suggests pairing that new phone with the Galaxy Buds Pro which he says are by far the best buds he’s tried.

“They stay away from that kidney bean design so they’re a bit more sleek and just look better in your ear. I can wear them all day and can promise you that they’re mad comfy and super lowkey too. They’re even IPX7 rated so they’re actually the first water resistant galaxy bud.”

Chris says his customers will tell him that they worry about switching from one operating system to another without losing any content.

“So let’s talk about Samsung Smartswitch and how easy it is,” explained Chris. “All you have to do is download the app on the original device. It’ll come stock on your new phone. Select which OS you’re coming from, and that’s it! The new phone will ding, connect to the old phone, start the transfer, and soon you’ll be done.”

Verizon stores are back and open for business, and Chris and his associates are ready to get you set up with everything you need.


Finally, we ended Entérate with a new segment featuring outstanding Latinx V Teamers. It’s called Conociendonos, or Getting to Know Us, and it was our pleasure to feature Yvette Martinez-Rea, our new Vice President of Sponsorships and Partnerships. Prior to joining us, Yvette was the CEO of ESL North America, one of the biggest esports organizations in the country.

“I have the very lucky job of getting to oversee the sports entertainment and gaming sponsorships that we do as a company,” said Yvette. “We are a leader in the category overall and we’re working with leagues like the NFL and the National Hockey League as well as gaming companies like Riot and Epic, so it's a wonderful and fun job that keeps us on our toes and working really with almost every stakeholder in the company.”

Yvette said she loves being Latina and she brings a passion for education, a strong work ethic and an appreciation for celebrating with family and friends to everything she does. She’s also a working mom who has some advice for her fellow moms: “ You just have to be gentle with yourself because I mess up all the time. I'm not as present as I want to be. I'm stressed and I'm a little edgy sometimes, or I forget to schedule the doctor's appointment. I've just tried to learn to be a little more gentle with myself and ask myself how would I want to tell a friend to handle this if she had messed up if she felt like she messed up?”

Yvette shared a wonderful memory of making tamales on Christmas eve in her grandmother’s garage and how everyone, even the littlest in the family, had a role in making the meal. “They got to put the tamales in the boxes and at the far end of the line were the oldest women, my grandmother and her sisters. They were in charge of the masa and everything you put inside and no one was allowed at that end of the line because they were the keepers of the knowledge. And as you got older, you moved up the line.”

Yvette says, “I think a lot about that experience and how it gave me this appreciation that everybody has a role to play, no matter no matter what your level, no matter what your title no matter where you come from and that if you kind of keep your eye on that bigger picture, that's where the true joy comes from.”

She finished with some great advice for her fellow V Teamers: “Say yes. When opportunities come knocking, say yes. I learned more when I did things I thought I could not do. Lots of people will say no, I can’t, I don’t know if I will like it. Say yes. You’ll get so many more opportunities.”

Our thanks to everyone who helped make Entérate con Verizon a reality! We’re already working on our next episode. If you have ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Diana.

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