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By: Jennifer Marin

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On today’s edition of Up To Speed we caught up with Bob Pesavento, Alex Tam and Joseph Thomasson – all members of our Satellite Response Team who shared more about the important work they do for our company.

“We’re always trying to innovate in terms of new technology that support the networks that we have online,” said Joseph Thomasson. “Whether they’re enterprise customers, government agencies or even our disaster response for cell backhaul.”

What would warrant a response from the team? Anything that requires the use of satellites, such large gatherings like a county fair, or disasters like wildfires, tornados or a mass outage event.

The team also shared insights on some of Verizon’s latest technologies, including the BISON (Business, Incorporative, Satellite Onboard Nomadic) and MOUSE (Micro Outdoor Use Satellite Equipment). They broke down their use cases and the benefits of each technology.

The Satellite team stressed that their dedication to understanding and utilizing these technologies ensures that they’re fully prepared to help when they’re called to action.

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