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Time to party!

By: Andy Choi

Today on Up To Speed: Yahoo celebrates 25 years and opens a time capsule. &#x1F382

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As Yahoo turns 25, it looks to the past... and the future.

Back in 2006, Yahoo partnered with the Smithsonian Folkways to capture the world’s thoughts and feelings. Customers around the globe were asked to share their hopes, fears and fascinations. 170,000 submissions were submitted in various forms (emails, videos, drawings, etc.), which were then organized and stored together as the world’s largest digital time capsule.

That capsule has been locked deep in the archives of the Smithsonian Folkways -- unseen by human eyes -- until it was taken out yesterday and reopened as part of Yahoo’s 25th birthday party. The world will see what has changed since 2006 and what remains the same.

What’s inside?

  • 97K+ pictures
  • 35K+ written messages
  • 1.6K+ drawings
  • 750+ videos
  • 450+ audio recordings

Check out Verizon Media’s webcast on VZWeb featuring the time capsule reveal and thoughts from leaders on what’s in the pipeline for the future.

Verizon acquired Yahoo in 2017, beginning an exciting next chapter for the company. “What a remarkable journey Yahoo has had over the last 25 years with all of the innovation and great products that we have seen come out,” said Hans Vestberg. “And the last two years as well, as we, together with Verizon 2.0, have integrated for a stronger story for our customers. Happy 25th birthday to Yahoo.”

Women’s History Month webcast.

Our webcast celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is scheduled for today at 11 AM ET. This year, our theme is “Light The Way,” to acknowledge the progress we’ve made for women’s equality as we continue moving forward to create opportunities for future generations of women to thrive and lead.

Be sure to check it out.

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