05/20/2020|Inside Verizon

Inexpensive. Great food. No crowds.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

The undiscovered vacation spot we promise you’ll return to again and again.

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Thanks to all V teamers who have worked so hard the past few months. We’re sure that by this point in this crazy year you’re ready for a break. So by all means, take that break. And, if your favorite vacation spots aren’t an option this time around, consider the humble staycation. If you’re worried you’ll run out of things to do, the Up To Speed team is here with some of their favorite staycation activities.

Andrew Kameka’s likes to “spice” up his day off by learning some new recipes. After growing tired of eating the same lame turkey sandwich for lunch, he’s spending some down time experimenting with new flavors.

Katie Regner has been so busy working a full day and shepherding her little ones that she’s excited to do some binge-watching. You know she’s behind when her list of “cool new shows” starts with Cheers circa 1982.

Matt Fiedler’s staycation started on a low note, but only because he’s learning to play the bass guitar. Geddy Lee, watch out!

For Sravya Gajjala, our intrepid world traveler, staying home was her first chance to visit Argentina. From her own couch, she visited popular tourist spots and used the Google Street Art project to take a guided tour of the eye-popping graffiti of Buenos Aires.

Up To Speed Live host Jeremy Godwin has found that quiet time in his hammock is the best way to de-stress. But getting out of it? Not so much.

For Erin Kristoff and her friends, there is no better way to escape these anxiety-riddled times than to visit a whimsical land with talking raccoons and trees full of bags of money. See why Animal Crossing has become one of the most popular games for both kids and adults.

Dave Boerger couldn’t bring his family camping, so he brought camping to his family. Next time, he’ll remember to bring the instructions for how to set up the tent.

Chris Serico proved once again that he’s an overachiever -- even when it comes to relaxing -- as he turned his staycation into a tricked out spa-cation.

Jess Bonardi recharged her creative batteries by getting back to one of her favorite hobbies: portraiture -- or more specifically, cat-raiture.

Andy Choi spent his free days investing in his own skills, spending time with his private Korean tutor, a.k.a. his mom.

Whether you choose a staycation or a traditional vacation, be sure to take some time for yourself. And when you come back to work, we promise, you’ll be refreshed, invigorated, and totally up to speed.

How are you spending your staycation? Let us know by dropping us a line at good@verizon.com.

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