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Today’s updates include 5G realtor love, our Holiday Gift quiz and an interview with our Head of Food Service, Spencer Plaut.

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Host Diana Alvear kicked off today’s packed Up To Speed Live by taking our Holiday Quiz. The result? She’s officially a Homebody! Apparently, this is what happens to Social Butterflies when they have kids.

Now that Diana knows who she is, Verizon gave her some gift ideas for herself, including a Eufy vacuum, Google Home Hub, Verizon Stream TV and the Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker.

To make your job as a gift giver that much easier, have your friends and family take the quiz. Even better, take the quiz yourself so you don’t miss out on the tech products you would love most of all.

The chef is in

Diana welcomed a special guest on today’s show, our resident chef and Head of Food Service Spencer Plaut. Spencer talked about his background, our new Foods program and offered some tips for Thanksgiving cooks, including a way to keep the turkey moist: slide some butter under the skin and you won’t regret it!

What homebuyers want in a home

Tech appeal is the new curb appeal. That’s what our friend Andy Choi learned as he got the inside scoop from realtors while attending the National Association of Realtors Conference in San Diego.

“5G is one of our major selling points these days, so it’s definitely important to have 5G,” said realtor Sydney Ealy.

“Almost all of my clients are asking, ‘what is the WiFi service like in this home?,’” said Shari Ward, an Arizona realtor.

Verizon is transforming the 5G experience at home, and that’s why realtors are becoming some of our most enthusiastic partners. See if your address is qualified for 5G Home Internet Service.

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